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As a Volkswagen 33 years ago at the Czech car company Skoda got in, played there all wheel drive still no role, it only came in 1999 in the bestseller Octavia station wagon. Since then, Skoda has sold 1,25 million 4×4 cars of various models. Among them is an electric SUV with two motors.

Scandinavia in winter is a paradise for cars with all wheel drive. thick snowy country roads, in which clearing vehicles have milled a narrow track with their wide shields, limited by piled up side walls for orientation. Or frozen lakes, on which in some places the summer bridge is replaced by the short path over mirror-smooth ice. The people here have learned to live with nature. While the lowlands of our latitudes are quickly in jamming chaos when there are plenty of falling flakes, in countries like Sweden everything just goes on without any fear.

The Skoda Superb is also available with all-wheel drive

4×4 for everyone?

Even in the far north, by no means all cars have that kind of four-wheel drive, thanks to the pointed spikes you can get stuck snow cover even on the freeway with only two driven wheels. On inclines or ice, however, only a second driven axle can help. One reason why the share of so-called 4×4 cars in Scandinavians is much higher than in other countries. Example Skoda. Almost half (43%) of the models sold in Sweden by the Czech VW subsidiary are powered by all four wheels. In Norway it is almost three quarters, in Iceland even 88 percent. Among Germany's neighboring countries, Switzerland is way ahead with 57 percent. With others manufacturers the numbers are similar.

A different picture on German roads. Especially where there is a mountain range nearby, the number of Four-wheel drive cars. The Upper Bavarian district of Miesbach is the leader with 28,3 percent, closely followed by Freyung-Grafenau in the Bavarian Forest. In total, around 12 percent of passenger cars have such a drive. Even in big cities like Munich (20 percent) or Stuttgart (16,6 percent) there are many such cars. But this is also due to the fact that large SUV manufacturers such as BMW, Audi or Mercedes are at home there and attract buyers who are more sporty. Threatening winter weather does not play the main role.

If you brake too late on snow, you lose. A finding that also applies to rear-end collisions or downhill stretches in Germany

Flagships and sales kings with 4×4 drive

Back to Swedish winter. The 456 square kilometer lake Storsjon near the winter sports mecca Östersund is thickly frozen and covered by a blanket of snow. Wheel loaders have cleared a track that is as narrow as it is curvy. The ideal playground for six Skoda models with all-wheel drive, lined up near the shore. Everyday suits like that Octavia or the sedan flagship Superb and of course SUV like Karoq, Kodiaq and both versions of the electric Enyag. The bestseller of the sextet is indisputably the Kodiaq, the sister model of the VW Tiguan. Almost 430.000 have been sold so far, 60 percent of them with all-wheel drive, which then costs at least 45.450 euros. The "Frozen" among the Kodiaq is the 180 kW/245 hp RS model, which costs from 52.400 euros and can no longer be ordered since the beginning of this year.

A farewell performance So, because it is not yet known whether the sports model will also be in the next generation of the Kodiaq in the autumn. Today he eats his spikes across the lake again, wagging around the narrow ones curves, is only briefly upset when the wheels leave the track created on the ice with a slight drift. In fractions of a second, the electronics shift the Driving force to the wheels that find grip on the slippery surface. If it gets too fast and you have to brake, that ends Liability and lets the SUV skate menacingly over the front wheels in the direction of the snow bank. Away from the pedal, then the Alaska bear steers again.

The all-wheel drive technology prevents sudden spinning, keeps the Czechs on the Swedish track and enables almost relaxed driving even in curves

E-drift king

All of this also applies to the new one Flaggschiff from Skoda, which may also bear the rapid abbreviation RS. The 61.710 euro Enyaq RS iV in coupe form conquers the bare ice with two electric motors. The front and rear engines together deliver 220 kW/299 hp. And because the torque feels like it shoots up as soon as you gently touch the accelerator pedal, caution and foresight are the order of the day. Then the Stromer confidently masters the back and forth of the winding curves, can be thrown off the track with the right foot and with a gentle one To steer catch again. the Drift king par.

Confidently through the winter

For at least 90 percent of customers, however, sovereignty in real winter life is more important. Since the clearing vehicles do not clear the streets up to the Asphalt can uncover, a hard-packed snow cover remains. Their grip changes from meter to meter, the all-wheel drive technology is used. It prevents the sudden spin, keeps the Czech on the Swedish track and also allows in curves almost relaxed driving. At least as long as the limits of physics are not challenged. If you brake too late on snow, you lose. A finding that also applies to rear-end collisions or downhill stretches in Germany. The Nordic Skoda experience with all the four-wheel drive models has an educational side as well as sheer fun.

Peter Maahn / SP-X

Technical data

Skoda models with four-wheel drive:
Skoda Octavia station wagon 4×4
Five-door station wagon in the lower middle class with five seats, two-liter diesel with 147 kW/200 hp, price from 45.710 euros
Skoda Karoq 4×4
Five-door compact-class SUV with five seats, two-liter petrol engine with 147 kW/200 hp, price: from 42.900 euros. Two-liter diesel with 136 P, price: from 44.380 euros
Skoda Kodiaq 4×4
Five-door mid-range SUV with five seats, two-liter petrol engine with 140 kW/200 hp, price: 48.270 euros. Two-liter diesel with 110 kW/140 hp or 147 kW/200 hp, prices from 49.280 or 51.030 euros
Skoda Superb station wagon 4×4
Five-door, five-seat, mid-range station wagon. Two-liter petrol engine with 206 kW/280 hp, price from 54.960 euros. Two-liter diesel with 147 kW/200 hp, price from 54.160 euros
Skoda Enyaq Coupe IV RS
Five-door SUV coupé with five seats or Enyaq SUV, two electric motors with 220 kW/299 hp, battery: 77 kWh, range according to WLPT: 517 km, price: from 63.300 euros

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