Driving Report: Škoda Octavia vRS Combi

Sporty everyday life for dads

Škoda Octavia Combi RS in the driving report

Growing up with adults is such a thing. Suddenly you drive a boring car. In the end even one meaningful car. And as soon as the kids are at the door, the Pampers bomber comes into the parking lot. For some car enthusiasts, this future is likely to be as bleak as the memory of the graduation party. Gone are the days when the Golf GTI was used to impress women of mating age before the village disco. The next traffic light sprint between the fast-food stall and the 24-hour petrol station? All just a fading memory, like the gasoline prices back then. You still paid in Deutschmarks. And a liter of Superplus did not cost as much as the monthly membership in the DVD rental.

Times change. They change you. But these changes also bring positive benefits. For example the new Octavia Combi as RS.

skoda octavia rs combi front

The Czech with the 220 PS and the 1.740 liter load volume

If you've always preferred to park in front of the disco instead of extending your annual membership in the chess club, you'll be looking for the 220 PS powerful gasoline engine when you ask about the Octavia RS engine and are not interested in the fuel economy of the 184 PS strong diesel. The familiar from the Wolfsburger-group shelf GTI engine brings the good mood back. Exactly the right motorization to get daily a little distance to the changing table.

And of course you choose the hand switch. You want to have things under control yourself. Yes - the DSG is superior in everyday life, in all disciplines. It lets you choose between a leisurely stroll and a hectic bounce through the gears. But it didn't exist before. The manual 6-speed gearshift gives you the feeling of having everything under control. To determine yourself. On the way to quickly get a pack of skin care cream from the drugstore? Certainly not this tour itself, at least it should be in the switch box according to your wishes. Understandable. 

The two-liter turbo gasoline engine is completely undramatic to work. It pulls up to 2.500, not impressive, but lasting, beyond that it starts to be fun. However, you do not experience the engine really hissing and pushed by the boost pressure. Almost as if he didn't want to admit the GTI airs. He whispers softly: “Man, we're driving Combi”. Until you look at the speedometer. Actually, you're always going too fast. TSI-Druck and the Combi go hand in hand. The chassis is tuned dry and tight. Of course you can invite the stroller, children? Gladly also two on the back seat. But we turned on the sports show here. This is not the show with the mouse. The Octavia Combi RS reacts a little sharply around the middle position. Heads twitch in the rearview mirror.

skoda octavia combi rs cargo space

When are we finally there?

Anyone behind the wheel will not understand this question. But in family mode on the go, this question can certainly be asked from the second row. It helps a lot to know if you want to, then you shorten the time to reach your goal. Simply by pressing the right pedal. As a petrol engine, the Octavia RS Combi sprints to 6.9 km / h in 100 seconds and is not so easily driven from the left lane. The “oh so sensible” station wagon makes good progress at 248 km / h.

In addition to the practical details, such as the rear seat backrests that can be folded down from the trunk from the rear, the Octavia Combi RS above all fulfills the play instinct of its driver.

The button for driving profile selection switches between comfort and sport and even changes the sound of the engine in the interior with the help of a sound generator. With your mother, gently and quietly to your in-laws? The kids with more sound and tight damper tuning to the disco? And on the way back from the disco, dad can indulge in sentimental memories while he lets his ears blow free using the large multimedia system and the Canton sound system, which is subject to a surcharge.

Of course, these are all just "suggestions". Of course, one can also thwart everyday life as an adult and civilized. The Octavia Combi RS makes this as bitch-free as any other Combi. But it also has another side - a very entertaining side.

driving report skoda 01 octavia combi rs driving report skoda 02 octavia combi rs driving report skoda 03 octavia combi rs

[tabgroup] [tab title = ”Extremely good, because:”] The Octavia RS turns a pragmatic Combi into an entertaining youngster with lots of driving fun .. [/ tab] [tab title = ”It was surprising:”] That the 220 PS gasoline engine with 8 liters can drive. That didn't exist in the past. [/ Tab] [tab title = ”Competition:”] BMW 3 Series Estate, Mazda 6, Ford Focus Estate ST [/ tab] [/ tabgroup]


Conclusion: driving pleasure, practical in everyday life and clever?

That's three wishes at once and they can be combined. The Octavia RS can be waved handily over country roads, but still remains a practical companion for big shopping at Ikea. The clever ideas that Škoda has established for each series are of course also used in everyday life by the Octavia RS. From the ice scraper in the tank lid to the practical garbage bag holder in the side doors. The Czech VW subsidiary wants to combine all competencies in the Combi RS. And if you wish, it can do so at a top speed of 248 km / h.

The Octavia RS is the ideal time travel for dads who like to remember the wild times. Serious yes, but ... 

[= ””] If you are not into your own time travel, then take it Octavia Scout 4 × 4 - or normal Octavia 4x4… All good cars!  The Octavia Combi is also available with natural gas drive!


Technical data:Consumption and emissions:
Power: 220 PS Power: 350 Nm Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 6.9 seconds Top speed: 244 km / h 
Efficiency class: C Emission standard: EU 6 Standard consumption combined: 6.2l / 100km CO² emissions combined: 142 g / km
Data according to manufacturer. Note: The test car was made available to me free of charge by Škoda Auto-Deutschland. However, the test did not take 14 days as usual. Therefore the self-determined consumption values ​​are missing.

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