First test: Škoda Superb Combi

Tegernsee - first test

It's only been two months since we had it here in the same place new large Škoda sedan presented. The first conclusion? Clearly. In this segment, in the class, there is hardly anyone who can better cover the most important talents of a car than an elegant one Škoda Superb, Now we drove the combi, the expectations were clear!

Dad's favorite combo

First test drive in the new Škoda Superb

Not on the equipment list. Unfortunately.
Not on the equipment list. Unfortunately.

He puts the others in his pocket

Load space, variability, useful extras and a little bit of fun driving, our demands are not that huge. And yet, somewhere every car breaks down. The new Superb wants to meet all requirements in its combi version.

He starts with the topic of cargo space. With almost 2.000 liters (1.950) when the rear seat bench is folded down, there is a real transport feeling. Anyone who occupies the back seat still keeps a trunk of over 660 liters. This is easily enough to go on vacation with the family. In general, the family.

At Škoda, the details now play an important role, not only concentrating on the processing, but also on the practical side. The iPad holder in row two is such a detail. Ordered from the Škoda dealer for 39 €, he fixes the tablet either in the center console of the rear seat bench or on the headrests of the front seats. It is the little things that make a car not only good, but likeable.

Two umbrellas? Check. One each in the left and right doors. A small flashlight with a battery in the trunk? Practically. Really practical: The small flashlight even has a magnet with which you can attach it to the vehicle's sheet metal. Anyone who has ever had a bike change in the dark knows how sensible this idea is.

Infinite distances into which a competitor has so far ... etc. 

8 + 5 gives space

8 centimeters more wheelbase, plus 5 centimeters more width. But only a few millimeters in total length. The Škoda Superb Combi has grown with its talents, you might think. The same parts strategy in the parent company gives the Czech the same basis that also makes the VW Golf look so solid. The kit is called MQB and the Czechs get the most out of it.

And so you can comfortably cross your legs in row two, even if a giant seat has already taken a seat in row one.

Pack away!

08 skoda superb combi

travel Happy

The Superb is the solid combination you want for the long haul. Comfortable seats, a perfect seating position behind the steering wheel and good noise insulation make the station wagon the ideal highway colleague. Pound under the hood up to 280 PS from a gasoline turbo. Unfortunately, it was not available for the excursion around Lake Tegernsee, but the 220 PS version can also inspire. The 2.0 liter TSI is economical and fun under one hood. With 350 Nm and the six-speed DSG, you can glide along with excellent speed, right up to the moment when the oat stings. The DSG blasts down two steps, the TSI whispers up the speed ladder and effectively pulls the Czechs over the highway.

No vRS Superb

We haven't been able to drive the Superb, which is the strongest with 280 hp, but we like to believe it, it's really fun. Because even the “small” 220 hp model fits wonderfully into the Superb. But as always, it should be a little more. We know that, we want that too. But: Škoda will probably “only” provide “sports equipment” for the Superb, not an RS model. Somebody at the headquarters in Mlada Boleslav was sleeping badly when the question was discussed: Superb vRS yes or no? So the result was a “no”. Bad news for all family dads with “left-lane syndrome” and field workers in the user-chooser segment who would like to swap the long distance for the racetrack. No Superb RS

Especially since the Superb with the new DCC chassis has some talents to bridge the balancing act between everyday life and the fitness studio. The DCC switches the dampers harder or softer at the push of a button, making the Superb sportier or more comfortable. In the case of the Combi, as in the case of the sedan, the differences are a bit too big for us. A finer gradation would be nice. Or a Sport 1 and Sport 2 setting.

Whereby this is grumbling at the highest level.

This is how the Škoda Superb drives

Just the one Articles about the Škoda Superb sedan call. The Combi drives the same way and is therefore simply good. Or you can try it yourself from September 26th, when the Combi Superbs will come to Škoda dealers.

28 photo habby skoda superb combi


He was once an underdog

He came from the Czech Republic and was at the mercy of a good mood from Wolfsburg for better or for worse. But that's over. The Octavia was already an announcement, the Fabia and the Yeti are still long-running hits in the portfolio and the Superb, especially as a Combi, will strengthen the sustained upward trend of the “importer brand”. No question.

With its extremely good design, the new Superb is clearly an alternative to the very sober Passat, but things should be tight for the Audi A4 Avant too. The Superb offers the same techniques, with a better design and a whole world more space! This would then also more than meet the expectations of the Combi - after the trip with the limousine!

Oh yes: The new Superb Combi is available from 25.590 €, the driven 220 PS TSI costs 37.750 € in the style equipment.

Link: Driving reports from colleagues will appear shortly and will then be linked! 



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