First ride in the new Škoda Superb

Italy - first test

It runs in the test everyday after the meanwhile thousandth article to a new car fast danger to play the ever-popular motor-journalist Bingo game. Especially with the brand Škoda and the new Superb this danger was again really great. My Colleague Sebastian Bauer sat with me in Italy in the new Superb and we agreed with a “simply clever” bingo arc would make the coming driving reports for the new Škoda Superb an entertaining game. The task to describe now the new Superb, without even falling into the Buzzword traps, was not easy.

Manned space travel

First test drive in the new Škoda Superb

test drive skoda superb

Task: Avoid the words simply clever, space and Volkswagen Passat, but describe the character of the new Superb.

In order not to fall into the buzzword trap right from the start, first a detail of the back seat. One could of course say: To offer such a universal iPad holder, yes, smartphones also fit, would be pretty clever, but that's too close to Škoda's “simply clever” slogan. And of course you could say because of the space available (Möööp!) you stand on your own - because a tablet, mounted on the headrest of the front passenger seat, can hardly be operated from the rear seat. Precisely because there is so much space in row two. So Škoda not only offers the modular iPad holder for the headrest, but also the option of no longer mounting the pad / smartphone in the same holder on the headrest, but in a suitable socket in the rear armrest.

Simply clever! (Ups)

test ride superb

125 to 280 hp - superb range of engines

The success of the Škoda brand (currently one trumps each other from quarter to quarter with new sales records) is simply based good products, Combined with a good design. Factual, but not boring. Those who have the pleasure of driving behind a new Superb on the highway cannot avoid praising the work of Škoda designer Kaban. Serious in appearance, but still sexy on the street. In the dark shade of a brown-black, the Superb becomes a wonderful hatchback sedan. I'm inclined to say: The nicer Audi A5. The more elegant A6. The more modern A4. The more emotional VW Passat.

Valuable without being clumsy

detail photo skoda superb test drive

The decent range of five gasoline and three diesel engines with a power range from 125 to 280 hp gives each Superb its very own character. The 150 PS Diesel (2.0l TDI) driven and the 220 PS petrol driven (similar to the VW Golf GTI) both go extremely well with the Superb. Both have a relaxed, almost light-footed driving behavior in common. The Superb looks valuable on every level of its new generation of models. Of course, the interior does not show any weaknesses in terms of material or processing. Nothing looks like “low budget solutions”. Nevertheless, the “comforting heaviness” of luxury sedans is somehow missing.

A look at the data sheet clarifies.

Despite growth in length (+ 3 cm), in width (+ 5cm) and at the wheelbase (+ 8cm), the Superb is depending on the engine and equipment a real lightweight foot. With 1.485 kg, the 110 PS diesel weighs little more than a modern compact-car vehicle, though with the new Superb, one to possibly two vehicle classes are ranked above it.


The Superb is based on the latest expansion of the Wolfsburg group building kit with the name: MQB. (Bingo?) And, like the VW Passat (Bingo?), It shares the same platform that the Volkswagen Golf has. However, the Superb should now have reached the maximum expansion level of this platform.

More than duty

The space in this class - bingo - is once again the benchmark. With 625 liters, the trunk already wants to make many estate cars in this segment fear the hatchback version. When folded, a 1.760 liter compartment is created. Thanks to the large tailgate, the resulting cargo space can also be loaded easily.

This is how the Škoda Superb drives

Handy. And in the case of the 220 PS strong gasoline engine really dynamic. This is also helped by the first active suspension offered. The dampers can now be adjusted in five stages. From eco to sport, the stored parameters of the DCC baptized (dynamic chassis control) vehicle dynamics control ensure a character change that can be felt. Nasty frost breaks parried the Superb the most sovereign in Comfort mode. If you want less side tilt when savoring the lateral dynamics, the switch to sports.

The 220 PS Turbo petrol engine comes with the 6 dual-clutch gearbox, yet the Superb weighs little more than 1.500 kilograms. He just takes it easy. This leads to a happy handling.

For the first time Škoda offers the 1.4 turbo petrol engine with cylinder deactivation. The four-cylinder engine becomes a two-cylinder engine at low engine load. With a combined standard consumption of 4.8 liters, the 150 PS gasoline engine questions the need for diesel engines.

skoda superb in ride


High-tech fun

One can forget that. You just can't avoid using the catchphrase “simply clever bingo”. Not because of the obligatory ice scraper in the tank lid. Not even because the Superb offers more space than the Passat. Not even because he is probably the most efficient MQB representative. Rather, because the new Superb is also the first representative from the VW Group whose multimedia unit offers Android Auto as well as Apple Carplay and Mirror-Link under one interface and also offers an LTE router. Because he offers more than you expect.

And I have not said anything about the armada of assistance and security systems. Parking and parking by assistant? Naturally.

How do you want to rewrite it all differently? Clever, just clever, it just hits.

The Superb will make it hard for the group brothers. No matter what you value, the Škoda Superb can. It shines in the processing, the design, the equipment and the offer of multimedia and assistance systems. Only the LED light was deprived of the great Czechs.

The Czechs were never cheap, but with success, the price increases. The basic price of € 24.950 is attractive - but if you use the extensive price list, you will quickly end up in the region above € 40.000.


 Link tip: Autoblogger Jens Stratmann also has one Opinion on the Škoda Superb, With Sebastian you can find that “Skoda-Bing” to the Superb. Autohaus Wolfsburg is Jens once again gone to work. And the carJournalist Bingo also found its way into, And you should not miss Fabian's opinion of the new Superb

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Škoda Superb

2.0 TDI 6 gear manually

design type4-Zyl in-line engine, turbo, direct injection
capacity1.968 ccm³
Performance150 hp / 3.500 - 4.000 rpm
Kraft340 Nm / 1.750 - 3.000 rpm
gear6 gear manually
drive axleFront
[/ toggle] [toggle title = ”Dimensions and mileage”]
Length Width Height4.861, 1.864, 1.468
 turning circle 11.1 m
top speed220 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h8,8 sec
standard consumption 4.0 l / 100 km
[/ toggle] [toggle title = ”Costs”]
base Price€ 28.190
Test car price-
Motor vehicle tax -
Use Chancelow
Resale valuehoch

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[= ””] The photos in the small galleries are from Škoda, the rest of the photos from me. Disclosure: Škoda invited me to the event in Florence and paid the travel expenses.


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