Namibia 2012 - With Skoda

The Skoda Yeti in Namibia

If you are sent to the desert in 2012, like me from Skoda, you can experience special things. In this case, the surprise started at the airport.

Because I can't do without my cell phone, I had to find a solution for uploading my photos on the go. And lo and behold: There is a small mobile phone shop at Windhoek airport - buy a SIM card without paperwork, top up with prepaid credit for the data tariff and you're done.

The good employee behind the counter quickly set up the necessary APN and within seconds I was back online. Fine. If it were so simple and easy in Germany 😉 500MB would have cost € 18.

Namibia 2012 also means sitting in the lodge - outside, the sun sets over the Namib Desert and you type your blog post over beer and nuts. Unfortunately nice.


And all because Skoda (okay a few others too) wants to show me how great the Yeti is to drive on really bad roads. Today we are once 300 km over really heavy mogul and gravel slopes. Great thing and unfortunately great. 🙂 And already today the Yeti, Alex Kahl and I, have covered a few meters that I would certainly not have thought the lamb pious Yeti could have done.

Skoda in front of breathtaking scenery
Skoda in front of breathtaking scenery

Besides that, of course, was the landscape, the part of the journey that is really impressive. Time completely under us. There will be some really cool photos! 😉


Good reasons to come back soon!





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