Skoda Kamiq - a little more of everything!

Bulky names prevent SUVs on their road to success as little as bad distances. Examples? The K / Q series from Skoda, where Kodiaq, Karoq and, as the youngest addition, the Kamiq have developed into sales hits right from the start. The three SUVs already account for a third of Skoda's sales in Germany. Here too, the trend is increasing

In the case of the Kamiq, the new face from Skoda with the two-part headlights and the LED daytime running lights is also well received. The smallest SUV launched by the Czech Volkswagen subsidiary in autumn is optically relatively close to the light front line with which Citroën is increasingly establishing itself as an SUV brand.

The not-so-small Skoda Kamiq not only completed the first few kilometers in sales with flying colors, by the way, he has also won various comparative tests and awards  - recently the golden steering wheel for the class under 25.000 euros. The result of the Euro NCAP test is perhaps even more meaningful: Here the Kamiq, which also comes with a lane keeping assistant as standard, received the maximum possible five stars.

Automatic door protection

What also counts for the customer are the B-grade and the clever ideas that are implemented here. For example, now automatically extending rubber lips, which protect the opened doors from ugly consequences on the paintwork. There are many such smart solutions, according to Skoda the Kamiq comes up with 20 such "simply clever" solutions. Skoda has the ambition to implement at least one further detail improvement with each model that no other manufacturer has yet come up with. In the Kamiq, this endeavor to always be at the forefront of details in the Kamiq means that when it comes to connectivity, Skoda installs the latest, most powerful generation of sockets here. Unfortunately, twice, unfortunately only at the front and unfortunately also exclusively, because this Type-C USB socket is only gradually establishing itself as the standard input in the latest smartphones.

At the other end of the cable - as an output - you can almost always find the standard USB connector, with which you can no longer do anything in the Kamiq, unless you get an adapter, which is not necessarily a clever solution. It would be more likely to first install both types of sockets in the car and then not to forget the rear passengers.

Largest space in the competition

In practice, the Kamiq convinces above all with classic virtues. It is the maximum amount of space that is realized on the B platform (VW Polo) in Europe: 2,65 meters wheelbase with a total length of 4,24 meters and a respectable width of 1,80 meters put him in the ranks of vehicles that are quite suitable for families , This has also been part of the brand's recipe for success for years. It is a matter of honor that the Kamiq also has the largest trunk volume in its competitive environment. The standard value is 400 liters, which can be expanded to 1.395 liters. Since the backrest of the front passenger seat can also be delivered that can be folded down, the maximum depth of the vehicle is 2,44 meters. It is hardly surprising then why vans, but also the classic station wagons with SUVs, have got such tough competition. Even with the chassis, Skoda already offers the option of different driving modes, which can also be formatted into an individual interplay of engine characteristics, chassis and steering tuning.

                                CNG version will follow in the 1st quarter of 2020

So far the Kamiq was a two-legged motor, at most two and a half legs, which is now  changes. First there was a petrol engine (1,0 liter three-cylinder with 115 and 95 hp), the 95 hp three-cylinder being counted as half the leg here. It is mainly available to offer an attractive sounding entry price of 18.290 euros. For customers for whom the diesel has not yet been badly talked, Skoda offers a four-cylinder TDI with 1,6 liter displacement and also 115 hp. For a large number of Kamiq buyers, it can obviously be more. It now operates Skoda with a 1,5 liter turbo engine, which has cylinder management and can switch off two of its four cylinders in partial load operation. At Skoda Germany, it is assumed that this 1,5 TSI will become the driving force in the series and will soon power every second Kamiq. This is helped by 150 HP, which go hand in hand with 250 Newton meters as maximum torque, which can bring the smallest Skoda SUV over 200 km / h and in consumption it distinguishes itself with a fairly meager value of 4,9 liters according to the practical WLTP measuring method. It is certainly wanted that he does not hide his 150 HP acoustically under load, because the Kamiq also keeps a sporty note open. With the optional sports suspension, the ground clearance raised by 3,7 centimeters compared to the base vehicle Scala is then reduced again by one centimeter. And if you call up the 150 HP a little more forcefully on damp roads at the traffic lights, you will feel them scratching your hooves for a moment.

Sporty flair with Monte Carlo equipment

The prices for the new Kamiq 1.5 TSI start at 24.300 euros, which is 2000 euros more than for the three-cylinder TSI with 115 hp with identical equipment. Anyone who prefers to shift, which is also becoming increasingly popular with “small” cars, is served with a seven-speed DSG gearbox, which requires an additional cost of 1800 euros. But the range is not only growing for engines - a natural gas version based on the three-cylinder will follow in the first quarter of 2020. Skoda is also on the equipment side. "Monte Carlo" is the name of the new line, which is intended to transfer sporty and exclusive flair to the Kamiq and its conventional brother Scala. The radiator grille, side mirrors, the new Skoda lettering on the rear and side sills are held in black. Also exclusive is the panoramic glass roof, black 17-inch rims (18 inches as an option / on the Kamiq series), which adds even more black accents. As an optical counterweight, the headlights are always made using LED technology. On the inside, Skoda relies on sports seats with red contrasting stitching and integrated headrests, carbon trim and installs the large Bolero infotainment system. In this equipment line, the prices for the Kamiq 1.5 TSI start at 27.990 euros, whereby the other engines can also be ordered as Monte Carlo.

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