Škoda Octavia - The opportunity is good.

With the new Octavia, the Volkswagen subsidiary Škoda presents itself from a new side. However, I am not referring to the new length of the Octavia, which has increased by almost 40 centimeters and turned the former golf hatchback version into a veritable sedan, but rather to the newly formed strengths of the Czechs:

Like a VW Golf - just bigger and cheaper.

Not much has been left of the old brand image of the formerly cheap Volkswagen replica from the Czech Republic since the new Rapid was released. The Škoda brand is dazzlingly developing into a fully fledged alternative in-house at Volkswagen. Clever cars with lots of space and a real price advantage. The new Octavia is no exception.

With a starting price From 15.990 € he offers the place of a mid-size sedan in the segment of compact cars. Of cheap interior and old technology yet no trace. Even the base engine is a current turbo-gasoline direct injection engine with 1.2 liter displacement and 86 PS. Saved here only in the number of gears for the transmission. The base has to make do with a manual five-speed gearbox.

The Octavia is a hatchback sedan with a large rear hatch and a storage space behind it of up to 1.580 liter. He remains the staid limousine version for motorists who actually need a station wagon, but still prefer to reach the stage in the rear.

Simply clever - The brand claim of the Czechs also describes the fact that the interior does not look cheap. There is an enormous amount of Volkswagen premium quality in the new Octavia drafted, even if the power window switches without additional margin of chrome have to do. This is just as hard to get along with as the fact that you can quickly pass your hand over hard plastic at the points that are less visible.

Clever and absolutely not cheap: The new Octavia can be ordered with the complete armada of up-to-date safety features: from the radar-based cruise control via an active Lane Keeping Assist, to traffic sign recognition to the City Emergency Brake Assist. And also assistants for parking muffle are immediately available: both transverse and longitudinal it can be parked automatically, makes the new car buyer only the hook in the right place in the surcharge list.

Skoda octavia test report the test driver

You can find my complete driving report in my personal blog.


Second opinion:

By Sebastian Bauer:  The Škoda Octavia sets new standards in its third generation. Especially when it comes to practicability and space. A compact car, the trunk volume of any mid-range station wagon plays? Hardly imaginable. In addition, the otherwise always a little behind Czech now with all sorts of high-tech gadgets to the buyer: the excellent 8-inch infotainment, the modern engines and a solid workmanship paired with all Škoda typical practical details at a fair price, make the Octavia to a real snapper. Well, here and there, the choice of materials is not the best, but somewhere you have to save just then. In addition, he can even be seen driving dynamics and already increases the anticipation of the Škoda Octavia RS. It is also clear: with the increased space and the good workmanship, it is time for the Superb time for a facelift.

You can find his entire article in his blog.

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Third opinion:

By Mario Lehmann: He breaks the compact segment and pushes into the middle class, while offering more cargo volume than a BMW 5er Touring; and that too at a competitive price. Everything indicates that the new Škoda Octavia will also be a bestseller. Because it offers proven Škoda virtues, a huge amount of space and space, and a pleasantly relaxed design that reveals the familiar in combination with new details to the beholder, and that's why it pleases.
The straightforward finds its progress in the interior: ergonomic cockpit, good workmanship, neat feel. In addition to Škoda's usual modesty and practicability, the Octavia III can be equipped with all sorts of assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition or Adaptive Highbeam Assist. The new 8-Zoll-Display in the center of the center console also plays at the height of time. With the turbocharged direct injection from the VW shelf both serene gliders as well as ragged Dynamiker get their money. Although: we are still waiting for the Octavia RS.

You can find his entire article in his blog.

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