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Škoda Octavia RS? That would be like equipping your own stroller with large rims, spoilers and an improved chassis. And indeed, the people in charge at Škoda know how to have fun - that's exactly what they brought with them, a heavy “tuning buggy” to present the latest Škoda.

The likeable Czechs have not gone from underdog to most successful importer with pure sports models or tuning boxes - no, they are the clever models and the good mix of current technology with a clear, playful design and the sober charm of reliability. Coupled with good prices, it is exactly what many young families are looking for. And the Octavia comes out as a station wagon.

Sporty family car

Škoda Octavia RS - sedan and station wagon with power

With all common sense, a little sportiness and of course more performance, nobody says no. And in contrast to the “bling-bling” stroller, the new Octavia in the RS version is much more subtle. You can see it on his face immediately, but what the Czechs have modeled doesn't seem intrusive. Sober and matter-of-fact as usual. A black grille, large 18-inch aluminum wheels and a bumper that visually proclaims the “additional requirement” for cooling air.

At the rear of the sedan and station wagon carry a small spoiler and otherwise announce the two large chromium-plated exhaust pipes of the increased desire for fast transport.

The test car:

  • Model Name: Škoda Octavia
  • Vehicle class:  Sporty sedan
  • For sale: August 2013
  • Base Price:  € 29.390
  • Body type: Sedan and station wagon
  • Offered engines: 184 PS Diesel u. 220 PS petrol engine
  • Transmission: 6-gear manual or DSG

Jogging suit

The RS does not differ in the sense of space from the known Octavia sedan. The Czechs manage to do the trick and regularly present cars that offer more space inside than they need outside. The two sporty top representatives of the series are no exception.

As befits an “athlete”, the pilots receive neatly shaped sports seats in the interior, which are optionally available in a fabric-leather or full-leather combination. The handy leather gear knob and the neat three-spoke sports steering wheel then go well with it.

driving report skoda 02 octavia combi rs

The facts:

Dangerous engines:

  • Saloon 2.0 TSI DSG
  • Style: Four-cylinder gasoline engine direct injection turbo
  • displacement: 1.984 ccm³
  • Power: 220 PS at 4.500 to 6.200 RPM
  • torque:  350 Nm at 1.500 to 4.400 rpm
  • Drive: 6-speed double clutch transmission - front-wheel drive
  • maximum speed: 245 km/h
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km / h 6.9 Sec.
  • Consumption according to standard: 6.4 l / 100 km


  • Combi 2.0 TDI
  • Style: Four-cylinder in-line diesel engine, turbocharger
  • displacement: 1.968 ccm³
  • Power: 184 PS at 3.500 to 4.000 RPM
  • torque:  380 Nm at 1.750 to 3.000 rpm
  • Drive: 6-speed manual gearbox - front-wheel drive
  • maximum speed: 230 km/h
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km / h 8.2 Sec.
  • Consumption according to standard: 4.6 l / 100 km

driving report skoda 01 octavia combi rs


A GTI with a lot more space. This is what the Octavia RS Combi feels like. Especially as a 2 liter petrol engine, it has a lot of “pull on the chain” and takes the occupants on a sporty ride. It's the rebirth of the GTI gene, but this time there's plenty of room for the whole family. Driving fun with a stroller in the trunk. If you want to know what makes the brand from the Czech Republic so successful, then the RS is a good example to explain its success.

In terms of driving dynamics, the RS does not challenge the last groove, it simply hangs on the gas, pulls splendidly from low revs and steers for a family car with divine precision - but it never gets tiring.

Simply reduce your ambitions a bit, leave the last of the six courses inside and enjoy the clever equipment of the family Czech. Skoda scores points across the board with this new top model.

Space for the family

The sedan already impresses with 590 liter boot volume. Even more sumptuous can load who chooses the station wagon. Here are 610 liters of cargo space available. If you reverse the rear seats, the Combi even offers 1.740 liters of cargo volume. A peak!

And even if the RS should score points through driving pleasure and pressure under the bonnet, who finds the practical turning mat in the trunk, the folding hooks and Carg-mounting elements in the trunk, which has good arguments as a family daddy why you have to this 220 PS ( Gasoline) family car is to grab. Practically.

Driving Report skoda octavia combi rs


Škoda makes it very easy for the dad looking for a sporty family carriage. On the one hand, the new Octavia Combi RS is extremely practical and offers a lot of space, on the other hand, the RS Octavia is the fastest ever built Octavia. Then feel the family dads are not out of place, the former GTI driven.


All this has its price. The Octavia is no longer a bargain as a top-of-the-line. At least 29.390 € are due. And then there are the extras. Such as the distance bike with city emergency brake function. Here Škoda should be more generous and offer this comfort and safety feature directly in series.


At the end...

Simply powerful

Actually, the brand claim of Škoda is “Simply clever” but in the case of the potent RS and it does not matter whether you are talking about the station wagon or the sedan, Škoda can now also write “simply powerfull” on the flags. The Octavia RS is just fun - not just family daddies.

  All technical data - Skoda Octavia Combi 2.0 TSI

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