Škoda Rapid - The RBB Antenne Brandenburg radio report

The Škoda Rapid came out last year. My article about this vehicle can be found here in the blog and if time allows, I'll write something about this new “non-station wagon” the days Škoda Rapid Spaceback.

The test drive with that back then completely new rapid took me from Vienna to Bratislava and later at the national presentation in Germany, even in front of the radio microphone. “Could I say a few sentences about the new Rapid”? Clear. I can talk 😉

Out of sight, out of mind. I had completely forgotten to ask where and when the whole thing would be broadcast. And so the time passed - until I recently met the editor responsible for this radio contribution at another event.

Intensive negotiations and bribery with a McCafé helped, I am in possession of the interview today;).

skoda rapid Source: RBB Brandenburg aerial [in case of doubt, save as ..]


Well - my name is not Hamberger and the 5 minutes became 15 seconds, but please - for 15 seconds Radio fame do different but completely different things 😉



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