Social media in the automotive industry: 5 questions to Škoda


Alex Kahl got me with his Blog Post just surprised. I thought Alex would no longer blog. But he seems back again and he plays an important role on the floor. Alex had with May blog light that went to Škoda, not involved - but now seized the opportunity and asked the magical Elena Funk (communication Škoda) 5 questions.

I found this question particularly clever:

How would you describe the difference between blogs and classic media?

Since I don't see myself simply as a “blogger”, but rather as someone who would have liked to become a motor journalist (or something similar) in the print world and who is now blogging thanks to the Internet, I am always curious about the views of others from the Industry. And Elena Funk has taken on a particularly interesting job at Škoda - of course you listen!


But now, hurry hurry - over to Alex and read all 5 questions and the answers! 


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