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If, after 14 days in the test, the biggest criticism in the notebook for the test car concerns the adjustment mechanism of the seat back, then one could assume that the tester had made a lazy Lenz here. But it was not so. The Škoda Rapid was put to the test for almost 1.000 kilometers, but in the end only the rocker mechanism for adjusting the backrest remains as a real criticism.

But one after the other. With the Rapid Spaceback presented in 2014, Škoda now has a veritable golf opponent in its range. The “Czech Golf” was already convincing at the first driving event. Since the then first exit in the Škoda Rapid Spaceback only a few kilometers away, a test car had to confirm the expected talent.

Dare success instead of Volkswagen

The Škoda Rapid Spaceback Green Tec with 105 PS TDI in the test!

What the Volkswagen subsidiary Škoda has developed over the past few years can definitely be described as a special strength of character. One was allowed to emancipate oneself from the condition of the “cheap subsidiary brand” and the application of used clothes to a self-confident brand with a clear, objective, but timelessly elegant design. Technologically, they have caught up, although the Rapid Spaceback, unlike the VW Golf, is not yet based on the MQB construction kit.

At 2.602 millimeters, the wheelbase is almost the same as that of the VW Golf (2.637 mm), but the two do not share the same platform. The large wheelbase is important for the opulent space in the interior. The fact that the Rapid does not originate from the MQB but is based on the tried and tested mixed platforms of the VW Group (PQ25, including VW Polo Gen5 and Audi A1) is important for the vehicle's final price. Only in this way can the Rapid Spaceback position itself as a buffer against the up-and-coming competitors from Korea.

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Inexpensive, not cheap

Although the direction is clear and one can understand Škoda as “the Korean buffer barrier” of the VW Group, the success of the Czechs - the completely understandable success of the Czechs - no longer leads to a piece of automobile that is perceived as particularly inexpensive. The test car, a 1.6 TDI equipped as Elegance and Green Tec and with all sorts of “joie de vivre extras”, ends up in the showroom with a price tag of € 28.396,52. The base price of € 22.390,01 is attractive, but certainly not cheap.

1.6 liter TDI - 105 HP

The four-cylinder diesel is familiar from the Volkswagen Group's shelves and is definitely one of the most economical engines in the portfolio. Especially as “GreenTec” with additional aerodynamic improvements, the 105 hp common rail diesel is one of the most economical among the European golf opponents despite an ancient manual 5-speed gearbox.

Although Škoda saves the sixth wave, the drive train is suitable for everyday use. Sure, the jumps between the aisles could be made smaller. If you can't really make friends with it, order the Rapid Spaceback 1.6 TDI in a variant with the 7-speed DSG.

The engine pleases by beefy draft. However, the 250 Nm of the diesel only have to move an empty weight of 1.260 kg. You can feel that and experience a lively to brisk Rapid.

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Green Tec package in detail

The GreenTec package costs € 399.99 surcharge and includes tires with lower rolling resistance, a display with recommended gearshifts in the cockpit and important technical details such as the start & stop system and energy recovery. Whereby only a control mechanism is hidden behind it, which includes the control of the alternator. In the case of energy recovery kinetic energy converted back into usable electrical energy. When the engine brake is used, the alternator supplies the vehicle systems with electrical energy and charges the battery. This saves the fuel that would otherwise be used for this. When the car accelerates or drives constantly, the vehicle consumes the electrical energy stored in the battery - in this mode the alternator therefore works with less load. The fuel supply is adapted to the lower energy consumption and less fuel is used.

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[tabgroup] [tab title = "Everyday driver"] More than 4.5 liters were unusual. [/ tab] [tab title = "Eco-Expert"] If you want to, you will easily end up under the 4.0 liter mark. The Rapid covered our eco-lap with 3.7 liters. [/ Tab] [tab title = ”Without consideration”] Up to 190 km / h, still economical! More than 6.6 liters were not possible! [/ Tab] [/ tabgroup]

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Škoda - place there

In contrast to the notchback model Rapid, the Spaceback 18 is a few centimeters shorter and still leaves enough space for the occupants and their luggage. With 415 liters of luggage space this is even larger than the VW Golf, And as is now the norm at Škoda, the row of seats in particular has been given impressive knee room. Here you can feel the long wheelbase (2.60 meters).

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The cockpit

From the Ambition equipment line, the driver is given a three-spoke leather steering wheel and the gear knob is also covered with the noble material. The impression of an inexpensive golf opponent only arises when the hands are on the door panels for too long. Especially in the area of ​​the lower door compartments, there is a lack of a pleasant surface. In other words: the plastic of the door panels is simply too cheap and the edges are not rounded enough.

The practical detailed solutions are convincing. Such as the small mesh pockets on the sides of the backrests. Or the small rubbish bucket in the door pocket (belongs to the simply clever scope of the storage package).

The Amundsen navigation system provides orientation, and both the user guidance and the speed of the system please. The Amundsen system including DAB reception comes at a surcharge of € 990.

And then there was a second point of criticism: Škoda integrated the actuation for the cruise control according to old custom in the turn signal lever. Not only fiddly, but also always associated with the risk of actuating the headlight flasher - or the turn signal. No - both the adjustment for the backrest and this cruise control faux pas go better. But maybe these are the rough edges that a car needs ...?

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At the end...

While the Volkswagen Golf continues to develop from its home territory from generation to generation, Škoda has risen to become a real “people's car” with the Rapid Spaceback. The Rapid offers a convincing mix of style, comfort, quality and, in connection with the stingy TDI, economy.

Everyday life definitely doesn't need more cars!

Click here to go to the Škoda Rapid website

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Vehicle registration: Škoda Rapid Spaceback 1.6 TDI GreenTec

Type:Rapid spaceback
Class:Compact C segment
Transmission:5G manually
Drive:front-wheel drive
displacement:1.598 cc
Power / power (electric motor):105 hp b. 3.750 rpm | -
Torque: / Torque (E-Motor):250 Nm b. 1.500 - 2500 rpm | -
Weight ready to drive:1.260 kg (EEC with driver)
From 0 to 100:10,3 s
Top speed .:190 km/h
Consumption of petrol (NEDC):4,4 liter
CO2 output (NEDC):114 g / km
Emission Class:EU 5
CW value:
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Photos in the article: Bjoern Habegger Cover photo: Bjoern Habegger



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