First ride: Smart fortwo and forfour - finally grown up

Smart fortwo - city runabout with DSG transmission
Ten different engine / transmission combinations are available


City runabouts grow up
City runabouts grow up.

Six months ago, the Mercedes offshoot Smart presented the new generation of the fortwo and forfour families. Worldwide sales figures climbed by a whopping 22,7 percent from January to May. In Germany by more than double, namely by 50 percent. Now Smart is expanding the city car with an engine and a dual clutch transmission. There will also be smartphone integration via mirroring on the vehicle display. The Smart fortwo is now starting with an entry-level price of 10.335 euros.

Smart implemented its successful concept with more than 1,6 million fortwo units sold worldwide. Daimler expects further growth from the market launches in China (August) and USA (September). The Smart fortwo / forfour is the smallest city car that is very popular with people of all ages and is by no means only used as a second car. In order to meet the demands of customers, the smart builders worked on the vehicle in all respects. This begins with the design with its unique selling point, in which changes have been made to the colors of the bodypanels as well as the passenger compartment and radiator trim.

Large brand logo
Large brand logo.

When we met the Smart fortwo, the little city car made a remarkably adult impression. The striking front design with the large air inlet and the brand logo, which is now even more present, is striking. The city car also cuts a good figure at the rear, whose powerful bumpers ensure a modern, almost elegant look.

When it comes to propulsion, the Swabian carmaker concentrates exclusively on petrol engines. As with other vehicles in its small car class, a diesel variant is not an issue. For the first test drives of the fortwo and forfour, the one-liter petrol engine with 90 hp and dual clutch transmission was available.

1 Smart comes to 100 Cologne citizens
1 Smart comes to 100 Cologne citizens.

The 135 Newton meters of the largest petrol engine, which are at 2500 revs, are not only sufficient for pure city traffic. In urban traffic around Cologne we are also making good progress. In connection with its very direct steering and its small turning circle of less than seven meters, the vehicle is very easy to direct and drive comfortably. Load changes and minor bumps in the road are taken with ease. Even smaller freeway routes are fun to drive. The newly offered six-stage dual clutch transmission allows us to drive the "little one" quite sportily. Only the fifth level feels a little too long translated. The 4,1 liter consumption stated by the manufacturer is within easy reach on the test drive.

When boarding the fortwo, both driver and passenger have plenty of space, in the rear we find that it can be a bit uncomfortable for taller people.

Interior with play of colors
Interior with play of colors.

The play of colors between anthracite and orange and the very good workmanship of all materials give us a positive feeling. All information that the vehicle provides us is easy to read and understand.

With the new generation of Smart fortwo and forfour, contemporary smartphone integration via MirrorLink is also finding its way. This allows compatible smartphones to be integrated into the vehicle and their content reflected on the vehicle's screen. The system supports apps such as internet radio and music entertainment as well as audio books and real-time traffic information.

With all engines, the Smart fortwo and forfour starts with equipment that should meet the demands of a complete car. The price range starts from 11.725 ​​euros (fortwo 1.0 liter “passion”) to the top version “proxy” with the same engine for 14.325 euros. In addition, there are options as a “sports package” (light alloy wheels, sports suspension, multifunction sports steering wheel) for 575 euros, an “LED and sensor package” (H4 halogen headlights, fog lights, rain and light sensors) for 510 euros and a “Cool & Media Package” (smart media system with capacitive multi-touch display 17,8 cm, hands-free system, audio streaming for music transmission, navigation system with full Europe maps including 3 years) for 1.700 euros.

At the end...

With the new generation of the Smart fortwo and forfour, the car manufacturer from Stuttgart is again one step ahead of its competitors. Contemporary design, driving safety systems, motorization and drive as well as functionality make the city car really grown up.

Smart - one step ahead of the competition
Smart - one step ahead of the competition.

Smart fortwo "prime" with twinamic:

For sale: July 2015
Base Price: € 10.335
Engine performance: 66 kW (90 PS)
Drive and transmission: Six-stage dual-clutch transmission
Acceleration: 11.3 seconds from 0-100 km / h
Consumption - combined: 4.1 liters on 100 km
maximum speed: 155 km/h
Length, width, height, wheelbase 2.695, 1.663, 1.555, 1.873 mm
Photos in the article: Stefan Beckmann Cover photo: Stefan Beckmann

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