News: Small cars for the megacities - Smart successful in China

China could become the most important market for the automobile manufacturer in two to three years Smart become. The boss of the Daimler subsidiary, Anette Winkler, predicted significant growth in an interview with the online magazine "". Last year, Smart sold 22.400 vehicles in Germany, compared to 17.800 in China

In the future, Smart wants to "go more and more to the smaller cities in China," said Winkler. “When I speak of smaller cities, they are still cities with a population of several million people. This alone shows you the potential for smart in this market. "

They also want to develop new services related to urban mobility, especially those that are only possible with the particularly small Smart - for example, that smart buyers will be given the opportunity to use special parking spaces in city centers. At the same time, the number of dealers should also be increased. In 2010 there were still 16 in the Middle Kingdom, today more than 140.

Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X


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