Passion: smart times 2015

When almost 2500 enthusiasts flock to Budapest, easily park a total of 1000 Smart on Heroes' Square and celebrate extensively for a weekend, then that's smart times.

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reduced to the party

“Smart times”: A meeting that soon grew out of a loose coexistence of different fan clubs, and grew bigger and bigger, until the manufacturer himself took part in this spectacle. For five years now speaks the CEO of the small small car manufacturer the opening speech on the first evening of the event. And not just a few words of greeting that the ghostwriter shook out of his wrist, no. Annette Winkler not only comes to the stage in a disco ball smart with a dress of this kind, she fires a show lasting a good hour in which she greets each of the thirty nations present, the national language, the longest journey, the electric marathon of a driver from Hamburg pays tribute and even asks three smart-enthusiastic bridal couples, who were married during the festival, on stage. In addition, she tunes in songs, claps, dances and is at least as excited as the crowd that inspires her.

In the end even that new Smart Cabrio its world premiere May celebrate in front of the fans before it is presented to the world press for the first time in a few days at the IAA in Frankfurt, is definitely on the initiative of Dr. Attributed to Winkler.

Because it is not so much about the perfect marketing staging of your brand, but about its identity. And that is based on the enthusiasm of their fans. She has almost the entire management team in Budapest, lets designers and developers enter into a dialogue with the brand supporters, and captures wishes, suggestions, praise and criticism. A "we feeling" should arise - even if this dialogue could also be seen as inexpensive market research. Or customer clinic. Or whatever you call it.

What the event is definitely: authentic. Although there are many vehicles from the fleet with Böblingen license plates on the pitch, they are the ones that inspire the fans. Two Crossblades are available for every photo deed, various Brabus tailor-made models of the new generation, even the Original Smart forjeremy study they brought with them from Swabia.

Otherwise, the manufacturer is restrained and leaves the stage to the clubs. Those who have made smart times what it is today. And if that also means that not everything is always perfect in the process, it does give the meeting character. So much so that some hard-boiled Norwegians take over 2500 kilometers of easy travel with their crossblade. Without doors, without a windscreen, instead just: Passion.

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