smart fourjoy - iaa 2013

smart presented on the IAA in Frankfurt the “fourjoy” - that is, the smart for the fun of four. As is customary with concept vehicles, you only show “ideas” and exaggerated allusions to the upcoming production model.

smart fourjoy

The brand smart was never known for boredom and downtime. smart Driving does not mean doing without, that was already the case with the first generation. “Reduce to the max” was the slogan and the vision of the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary is clear: to help shape the city traffic of the future.

It's not just about cars and it's not about regulations. It is about the urban mobility of the following generations and at smart you think about it positively. And so the small vehicles always spray an extra pinch of joie de vivre.

Smiling faces

At the studio presentation of the “Smart fourjoy ”concept in the run-up to the IAA, but this time they smile smart-Employees more than the vehicle they put on the stage. Above all Dr. med. Annette Winkler, The fun-loving smart-Chefin enthusiastically talks about her new baby, the new one smart Four-seater. And this time it will not be a Japanese small car with make-up, this time it's pure smartDNA in four-seater.

He became an adult

If you start from the founding year 1994, then smart 20 years old next year. This is not a reason for wrinkles on the face, but it's time to put off the childish scheme. The new smart will look adult and you can see that already well in the concept car.

The wheels stay as far out as possible, the overhangs short and the rear engine will ensure a wide track of the rear axle. The mistakes of the first smart Four-seater generation you want to avoid. Pure smart DNA - for the city traffic of tomorrow, but also for four passengers in the future.

smart fourjoy - IAA 2013

smart fourjoy studio01 iaa 2013

Four seats for four passengers. The concept vehicle does not need any doors or a rear window, the designer team wants to direct the viewer's gaze to the interior concept. Very futuristic and probably much simpler in the series - but still smart.


smart fourjoy studio02 iaa 2013

Compact dimensions also for the four-seater. Length / width / height: 3,49 / 1.97 / 1.49 meters - and thus a good twenty centimeters shorter than that first smart four-seater generation, Reduced to the Max!


smart fourjoy studio03 iaa 2013

The turning circle will become the benchmark in the small car class, says Dr. Annette Winkler - no more than a good 9 meters!


smart fourjoy studio04 iaa 2013

In its concept variant, the fourjoy is designed as an “ED”, as an electric drive and as such has a 55 kW electric motor. How does something like that go? You can read about this in the driving report of the smart fortwo “ED”! 


smart fourjoy studio05 iaa 2013

Numerous design elements refer to the first smart series: These include, among other things, the extremely short overhangs, the wheels placed far out in the corners, the rear lights integrated into the massive tridion cell and the spherical instrument cluster (quote: smart press release)


smart fourjoy studio06 iaa 2013

The study shows striking rear lights that are reminiscent of turbine engines and executed in full-LED technology.


smart fourjoy studio07 iaa 2013

The end-to-end center console is reminiscent of the first generation of smart, and the design of the seats is intended to reflect the “cozy” and safe character of the future model generation.


smart fourjoy studio08 iaa 2013

The concept model has the 55 kW electric drive of the smart ED and has an 17.6 kWh lithium-ion battery. The charging socket is located below the A-pillar on the right side, and the outside mirrors contain LED indicators that indicate the charging status. At a household socket, the smart fourjoy ED should be recharged within 7 hours (overnight).


smart fourjoy studio09 iaa 2013






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