smart times 2016: A gag-ball turns

What is small, round and likes to whiz around? Right: the smart.

Last weekend, his fan community showed impressively how much diversity he has. Whether roadster, coupé or convertible, whether gasoline, diesel or with electric drive, whether two or four-seater, special or series model: from the 26. to 27. August 2016 celebrated the worldwide smart fan community for the 16. Times their cult brand. This time the meeting took place in Hamburg and transformed the area of ​​the wholesale market into a festival of urban lifestyle - with music, street food, a smart flea market, a vehicle course and a visit by the two beach volleyball gold girls Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst.

It was particularly clear how many faces the smart actually has. From smart as "Papa-Mobil" to the city car in bright pink or in wood look to the classy racing and versatile off-road smart, 2.053 vehicles impressively showed the almost endless possibilities for customizing the cult car on site.

The highlight was the traditional final parade in which 1.635 smart vehicles drove through the streets of the Hanseatic city in a parade. A new record for smart times. This hit the previous high of 1.427 vehicles in Cascais, Portugal two years ago. The Spanish city of Salou will have the chance to set new records next year: there the smart times 2017 will open its doors to the smart community.

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All photos: Martin Baitinger -

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