Subaru Forester Special Models - Green Painting

It is the bestseller in the program, the Subaru Forester. Of course, as befits a decent Subaru, it has all-wheel drive and a boxer engine. Now two special models of the off-roader are coming and should further increase its popularity.

The Subaru Forester comes as a special model in two versions: as a "Huntergreen" or as a "Citygreen". The Huntergreen is particularly tailored to the main target group - hunters and foresters - while the Citygreen would rather address the comfort-seeking driver. However, what unites both models is the corresponding price advantage compared to similarly equipped Subaru Forester and the extensive standard equipment.

The Subaru Forester special models: only available with one engine

So if you choose one of the two models, you have to do little. Both come with two-zone automatic climate control, a rear-view camera, seat heating at the front, a light and rain sensor, fog lights in addition to the full-LED headlights with dynamic cornering lights and an entire armada of airbags. Even one for the pilot's knees. Interesting for customers who often put something on the hook is the trailer stability system, which prevents the trailer from rocking. (2)
Not green, but still welcome everywhere: The Subaru Forester

It starts at 32.560 Euro for the Subaru Forester Citygreen. With its additionally tinted rear windows, the premium floor mats and some design frills, it offers a price advantage of 1.000 euros. The Forester Huntergreen costs at least 32.800 euros, but provides a little more for the standard equipment: Here, the customer gets an underrun protection for the engine and the differential made of thick steel, protective parts for the bumpers, fit footwell trays, as well as an associated loading space tray. This results in a price advantage of 2.000 Euro for this model.

There is no choice when it comes to the aggregates: There is only one machine to choose from. A 2.0 boxer diesel is used as the drive, producing 147 hp and delivering 350 Nm to the four wheels. The power is transmitted via a recommended six-speed manual gearbox. It is better to keep away from the proverbial fingers of the organizing, continuously variable automatic transmission "Lineartronic". Especially since it also costs 1.700 euros extra.

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