Discounts in a double pack at Subaru

Subaru is currently offering the hybrid version of the Impreza with a discount of almost 7,000 euros

Subaru now lures spontaneous people with discounts. There are even two discount levels until the end of February.

Subaru is still offering discounts on all model series until the end of March. In addition, Subaru subsidizes the official VAT rate by 3 percent to 16 percent until the end of February. The biggest discount of 6.000 euros is available for the Impreza compact model in combination with the 110 kW / 150 PS E-Boxer hybrid drive. For the Outback and XV and Forester as e-Boxers, between 4.600 and 5.080 euros are in it, for XV and Impreza with normal petrol drives around 2.700 euros.

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