Subaru on a great blogging tour of Europe

Seven cars, 28 days, 12.000 kilometers: Subaru wants to know and goes through an endurance test of a special nature with its seven models. The journey leads the Subaru models ForesterOutback impreza WRX STILegacy Subaru XV and BRZ over seven stations from the North Cape all the way down to Sicily. Always with you: a c'trend 475 FR caravan from the Dethleffs brand. An interesting everyday suitability test that the Japanese automobile brand came up with. The trip started on September 30th and was followed on the dedicated blog. The exciting journey, which should not look quite uncomfortable, started at the northernmost point of mainland Europe.

The caravan, which has a load of 1.500 kilograms, can accommodate up to four people for a comfortable overnight stay and plenty of useful aids and equipment features. But of course the drivers shouldn't just rest during the tour. Interesting activities such as winter camping in Norway, a fishing trip in Finland, a sailing trip in Denmark, driving safety training in Germany, a visit to an Austrian stud farm and an off-road tour in Italy are also on the plan. A bit crazy: a moose safari in Sweden is also part of the program. After “Knut” we all know that the Swedes have a lovely little bird. But why not?

The entire stations are selected so that the Subaru models can show their own typical strengths. Some stops in the Subaru headquarters in different cities, the driving program adds some interesting additional information about the all-wheel drive brand. The entire trip is blogged diligently and reports on funny experiences and interesting problems that the team has to deal with during the trip. For example, when the Subaru Forester in the North Cape tunnel, which connects the Norwegian mainland with the island of Magerøya, had to face the special challenge of getting the 1.500 kilogram caravan trend through it.

The blog is updated daily with short clips and photo galleries on the day's events and interested parties can follow the entire tour practically live. The official end of the tour is on October 24th with a small interim conclusion in Florence, the last stopover before Sicily. Let's see how this turns out, but with the travel plan and the interesting experiences, it will certainly be quite decent.

Those who want to follow the trip can do so on the official blog:

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