Geneva 2013: Subaru Outback Boxer Diesel AWD

SUBARU is a proven all-wheel drive specialist and the Forester and Outback models also have their share in the success of the compact SUV models in Germany. Even before crossover SUV models became fashion vehicles, SUBARU already offered the off-road-compatible combination models in both model series.

With the combination of diesel boxer and automatic, the Outback becomes an attractive alternative in the daily driver segment. For the first time, SUBARU is coupling the equally unique boxer diesel engine with a continuously variable automatic.

In order to be able to cope with the high torque of the diesel boxer engine and to guarantee a smooth gear change, a high-torque version of the Lineartronic transmission was chosen. The advantages of this engine and gearbox combination are that it allows smooth, seamless acceleration while the engine speed remains constant. The system selects the optimal gear from the innumerable gear ratios that are available thanks to the continuously variable transmission. When driving normally in D (Drive), the smooth, stepless power transmission is used; if the accelerator pedal is pressed vigorously, it is switched to step shifting with fixed gears like with a normal automatic transmission. The sound of the engine, the strong acceleration and the falling back of the speedometer needle when changing gears give the driver a satisfying, exciting driving experience. Downshifting while slowing down provides adequate engine braking, with rapid acceleration in the event the driver presses the accelerator again.

The two-liter four-cylinder boxer engine continues to deliver 150 HP and 350 Nm as a diesel in the range between 1.600 and 2.400 rpm.

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