NYIAS 2015 - Highlight: The SUBARU BRZ STI Concept

The New York Auto Show is a blessing. Compared to the IAA she looks downright cute little. But that's her strength. The stands of the manufacturers are therefore also smaller and one focuses on individual highlights. My personal highlight of the NYIAS 2015? Clearly the concept presented SUBARU BRZ sports model STI.

Subaru STI Performance Concept

Feiste cooling air openings in the front, new flippers, new sills, a fat exhaust at the rear and above the three -sized rear wing with the STi logo on the side. Already purely optically makes the BRZ in this concept variant clear: Here's the end with funny.

Throbbing under the hood, although it was always written, it would not be possible to have a two-liter boxer engine with turbocharging. 350 HP should, could, would be sufficient - 305 HP Subaru wants to make us tasty. 447 Nm are the concrete announcement on the subject of power. This Subaru would not need four-wheel drive, so that remains the pure idea of ​​the GT 86 / GT receive. That the power is still brought sovereign on the asphalt, so take care of the sports tires of Dunlop.

Series production is currently left uncertain and whether, if, if so, this fun toy would go into series production, it would do the same with us - it is not mentioned. But it has to be very simple! Point.



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