Transverse: Subaru BRZ

Only the Japanese in this perfection: Cars and motorcycles can give cryptic letter combinations as names. And they love it. How else is it to explain that they give such an awfully technocratic sober name to a thoroughly emotional car: BRZ. And if you listen to the outrageous explanation of Subaru, for what the three-letter abbreviation stands, it becomes clear: It was apparently searched for the letters and then the meaning of the same. And that is: "Boxer engine", "Rear-wheel drive" and "Z last and thus the ultimate letter in the alphabet".

Fortunately, not everything is as difficult to explain on the small sports coupe as the name. On the contrary! The Subaru BRZ is a wonderfully simple-knit car with no airs and - for the Japanese brand extremely unusual - without four-wheel drive and turbocharger. But at least continues to turn Four-cylinder boxer under the bonnet mischief. Two liters big, 200 PS strong and driven by speed orgies. 7.800 RPM may be maximum before it is flashing red in the cockpit for gear change. The available six forward gears then want to be loaded with emphasis, because only then succeed the flush traction to reach in 7,6 seconds the maximum allowed country road speed.


And this is exactly where the natural habitat of the 1,2-tons-lightweight: rural roads! The curvier the better. But you should press before starting the Kurvenhatz in the center console, the VSC Sport button to feel what makes the BRZ variant with the additional designation "Sport" so sporty: rear-wheel drive in combination with a limited slip differential. This keystroke loosens the electronic fun brake and the Subaru may chock a bit with the rear. Not too much, but so that you can feel exactly where the journey could go, without the inside wheel spinning. Once you have familiarized yourself with the low grip limit of the narrow 215 tires and the precise electric steering and want more, you just have to press the ESP-Off switch until two yellow indicator lights in the dashboard show the permanent deactivation of stability and stability Confirm traction control. Then the revelation can begin for all driving dynamics junkies. Good-natured can hardly put a car across.

This is not about best times, this is all about driving pleasure, Before the curve, in the curve and out of the curve. And he is not even expensive. The tested model version can be classified as affordable with exactly 31.000 Euro base price and the fuel consumption is manageable: If you do not unnecessarily beat the 4,24 m long sports coupe on the highway, there is the somewhat disappointing röchelnde boxer with less than 11l Super Plus on 100 km satisfied.


But if you get involved with the crunchy Japanese, you should be aware that he has to do without today's luxury overkill. Convenience turn signal? Superfluous. Assistance systems? ABS, ESP and traction control must be sufficient. Navigation system? The best way to avoid the 860 Euro expensive special equipment and acquires a current portable navigation system, which is not only cheaper, but also works better. Lifestyle factor? None at all. After this Flachman turn only true fuel heads appreciative, because behind this Volant is usually suspected a driving dynamics connoisseur, in which an oversteer tail only leads to a broad grin and not to a fear-sweat outbreak.

Therefore, the Subaru BRZ with its twin technical brother, the Toyota GT86, quite as one of the most pleasant surprises of the past car year 2012 apply, because this compact sports car does not want to be egg-laying crossover Wollmilchsau, but in the classic sense a real coupe: flat, lightweight, front engine, rear drive and yet surprisingly suitable for everyday use.

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