Subaru multimedia system Starlink in detail

With the model year 2015 pulls on some German SUBARU models (ahead of Forester and Outback) a new generation of multimedia systems. The new system looks tidy, can be controlled with two-finger gestures and is called “STARLINK”. 

For a globally operating company, whose significance in Germany is to be found under “further running”, the topic of multimedia in the car is always a real challenge. In the USA, for example, satellite radio is more normal than the exception came the different radio bands for decades. And completely different user scenarios and operating concepts. With the triumphant advance of the iPhone and Android smartphones, the expectations of motorists in terms of a multimedia system have somewhat leveled out. Touchscreen is clear, apps should be, and of course your own phone must be easy to couple via Bluetooth.

The new STARLINK system naturally offers a Bluetooth interface and via "STARLINK App”Some functions such as music streaming can be controlled directly via the smartphone. A common solution. While in the USA the use of "Mirror mirror”Has not yet been integrated, the Outback test cars had this function for the driving report on the new Outback. Unfortunately, there was not enough time for a test. I found photos of working Mirror-Link applications in an online forum. (Link to the forum)

On German website from SUBARU is the new STARLINK multimedia system not yet listed and the press kits on the subject of “Outback and Forester 2015” also have to do without information about the multimedia system.

Test drive Subaru Outback 33 driving report boxer

During the first test drive with the new Subaru Outback, however, the “touch feeling” of the Starlink system turned out to be balanced. With two finger gestures you could zoom in and out on the street maps. Coupling via Bluetooth was simple, the reaction speed of the entire system was nimble.










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