Subarus without four-wheel drive: the e-bike collection

Subaru stands like no other brand, especially for one: four-wheel drive. The Japanese have been able to stir up a true cult of their drive type over the years and offer each of their vehicles with the well-known four-wheel drive. But not only here shows Subaru a special feature, but also in its engine range: Typically beats under the hood of each model a boxer's heart. This breaks the Japanese bikes completely: no four-wheel drive and no internal combustion engines. To get ahead, you have to either try your own strength or rely on an electric drive.

Subaru recently introduced its "BikeLine" for the current year. Also in the party are attractive e-bikes, which - compared to competing products - want to score with their low price. But in turn: The bicycles are available, of course, as a ladies as well as men's variant. The (rear) drive is provided by Shimano "Steps" engines. So you can be on the go quickly on longer distances or, for example, in headwinds, without having to exhaust yourself completely. For a better center of gravity and thus a better balance, the drive is integrated in the front frame. In addition, this results in a more direct driving behavior to increase the fun on the "bike" even more.

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The Subaru e-bike, which bears the name "E1", is available in four different frame heights for men and in three different sizes for women. In terms of color, you can choose between two matt tones. On the one hand there is a gray tone with "Sparkling Iron matt", which is complemented by a black decor. On the other hand, you can choose "night blue matt", which is enhanced by a white decor. In terms of price, with 2.549 Euro, 500 Euro is less priced than for a comparable competitor product.

If you prefer to continue to ride a conventional bicycle, Subaru also has ordinary bicycles without electric drive ready. So you can choose between mountain bikes, cross bikes and city bikes, which are also available in women's and men's versions. They are built according to Subaru's own specifications and use high-quality components. The Japanese manufacturer uses parts from the well-known manufacturers Shimano, Rock Shox, Suntour, DT Swiss and Schwalbe. This means that repairs can be carried out at any bike service without having to go to the Subaru authorized workshop with your bike. But unfortunately these bikes do not have all-wheel drive typical of the brand either.



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