New in the test: Suzuki Swift Sport

Real rally DNA.  They still exist, these little sporty automobiles that don't just want to tell us a boring story about environmental protection, CO² emissions and economical driving all day long. The little Suzuki Swift is such a car. The sport version was built with 136 hp to keep memories of the early “GTI times” alive.

What a Suzuki ..

With the Suzuki Swift Sport one likes to take a detour over small country roads, over winding lanes and stay far away from the most efficient way.

Suzuki Swift sport blog

Of course, 136 PS are nothing that makes one shiver in awe. But in the environment of a 1.100 kilogram heavy and with 3.89 meters very clear compacts, the Stadtfloh becomes a highway robber.

My first Suzuki test car was a Grand Vitara with the 2.4 liter petrol engine and my judgment about this forester's mobile was probably not read in Bensheim. To date, the Vitara is one of the worst I've driven in my test car top list.

But this Swift Sport - it will turn the tide, I'm sure even before I have ridden the first few meters. Small, sporty, handy, that's how I imagine the perfect Suzuki with four wheels.

The test car:

  • Model Name: Suzuki Swift Sport
  • Equipment:  Sport
  • Test car Price: € 18.990
  • Mileage:  21.010 km
  • displacement: 1.586 ccm³
  • Design type: 4 cylinder naturally aspirated engine in series
  • torque:  160 Nm - 4.400 revolutions
  • Drive: 6-speed manual gearbox - front wheel drive

Suzuki Swift sport from behind

V / max:

195 km/h

0-100 km / h:

8,7 sec.


from 136 HP 

Suzuki Swift engine 136PS

In the next two weeks, the Swift will show whether it can adjust my world view of the Suzuki brand again. I'm curious.

Driving pleasure in a compact form?

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