Tesla Model S and X P100D - Fast makes you expensive

152.000 Euro demands Tesla Germany for the model S P100D. Thus, the new flagship 20.000 Euro is more expensive than the previous top model P90D, which is still offered for around 130.000 Euro. Compared to the P90D offers the version P100D thanks to the larger battery, an increase in the range of 509 to 613 kilometers and a reduction of the sprint time by 0,5 to 2,7 seconds. In addition, the new top-of-the-line model features the additional Smart Air air suspension that is available on other models for 2.800 Euro.

Also available in the P100D version is the Tesla SUV Model X. The towering Gullwing allows with the large battery pack a range of 542 kilometers and a sprint time of 3,1 seconds. In addition to the air suspension, the Model X P100D offers an active rear spoiler. The price is 153.100 Euro, which 22.000 Euro is above the previous top model P90D.

Both P100D variants can already be ordered. While the Model S will be available as P100D from November onwards, the Model X with the big battery will be available from February on 2017. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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