Tesla Model S - The little one is no longer available

Tesla will release its base model 60 Model S introduced only a year ago. The entry level version is still up to 16. April 2017 orderable. According to Tesla, most customers have opted for the higher-reach version 75. Now you want to simplify the ordering process for the customers.

The particular highlight of the 60er model was a net price below 60.000 Euro, which allowed customers to apply for electric car support from Bafa. After all, 268 customers (stand 2 / 2017) have used this option in recent months. In terms of battery hardware, the base Tesla is the same as the 75er version anyway. That's why buyers of the Model S with the 60 kWh battery can later upgrade to an 75 kWh model via "over the air" upgrades. In the future, the base model of the Model S 75 with a gross price of 86.620 Euro will be well above the net price limit of 60.000 Euro, from which the e-car premium will be granted. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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