Test car highscore ranking

The best test cars at a glance:

Update: - Since January 10.01th. there is a new section for that vehicle testing, I will put an extensive documentation of the points (asterisk) online.

The new allocation is based on a percentage allocation of rating asterisks. A maximum of 5 stars is possible. However, there are 60 evaluation criteria behind it and the processing of the “old” evaluation sheets is correspondingly labor-intensive.

Here is the "old" list of the top test cars:

Test Car Audi RS6 Avant Test Car Highscore Highscore

Test car Lexus GS450h photo-highscore highscore

Test car Peugeot RCZ test car highscore

Test car Mercedes-Benz-GL-350-05-driving report-612x408 Highscore

Nissan 370Z 128 points

Infiniti FX 127 points

Ford Kuga test car high score

Subaro Outback 114 points

Test car Ford Ranger wildtrak test car Highscore

Fiat Panda 4x401 points standings

Isuzu D-Max 91 points

mitsubishi space star 74 points


 And here's an even older rating list 😉

CLS AMG 81 points

Driving Report Lexus IS-F - 80 points reached

Driving Report Infiniti 79 points

KIA sportage 79 points

Citroen DS4 in the test - 78 points

GT 86 77 points

Porsche Boxster 981 77 points

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 76 points

c5-tourer 74 points

Honda CR-V 73 points

Mitsubishi Evo 73 points driving report

skoda superb 73 points driving report

Kia Sorento Driving Report 70 points

Nissan Qashqai 70 points

mercedes-benz ml 67 points

66 points Prius plugin

Honda Jazz Si 66 points

ds5 Hybrid 4 66 points

Genesis Hyundai Coupe Ride Report 65 points

Mazda MX-5 with 65 points

Hyundai i40 62 points

Mitsubishi Outlander 62 points

Honda Accord 62 points

Subaru XV 61 points

To the test report

Grand Vitara 41 points

Nissan Pathfinder 40 points


Of course, even if a ranking may give the impression of a fair assessment, it can never be objective. No - this ranking should not claim to be objective in any way. It's very banal, just my subjective opinion about a vehicle. 60 criteria with up to 70 points per criterion (as of January 11.01.2014, 100) = XNUMX%
= My opinion
Update: The third adjustment of the ranking is part of the ongoing process to improve the assessment and to make it more comparable. For questions Of course I am always available.


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