Test: Ford Mustang 5.0 GT

FORD has been building the legendary Mustang for over 50 years. But we had to wait a long time for him. Too uncouth? Too rough? Too thirsty? The reasons for withholding the Mustang from us could have been varied - but they are finally history. Since last year, the legendary “pony car” has also been officially available from Ford dealers. The era of US imports is over. But what are you actually buying? A piece of US culture?

US boy is looking for a fan

Test Ford Mustang 5.0 GT

The design of the Mustang is a constant and, above all, very successful evolution of the classic pony car. Without denying its own history, the Mustang nevertheless keeps reinventing itself. Two doors, a flat roof, a long bonnet and, at 4,80 meters, everything, just not small. There is an alternative under the long hood. A decision has to be made. A 2.3 liter four-cylinder - right? OR! Always or! The Mustang needs the V8, it wants the V8. Even if a small four-cylinder with turbocharging could be more economical. The V8 belongs to the Mustang.

Test driving report 003 Ford Mustang GT 5 liter V8


Clear message

The basic form of the Mustang, the tight and sporty on the road standing Coupe, is a clear and clear message. You don't have to go into the details. On the flank, an 5.0 indicates the inner values. Only the Ford plum, you pinch it. Even on the radiator grille does not emblazon the Ford logo, but a horse at full gallop, with a waving tail. The Mustang. No pony!

However, the message is also quite clear in the interior. “This is 'America'. Chromed plastic looks like chromed plastic. And hard plastic is hard plastic. You can not ignore the processing. But at least, the show is right. The cockpit and ambient lighting can be in drölfzig different colors, in "My Color" mode even with a very individual touch. And if you open the doors in the dark, the Mustang sign is thrown on the asphalt or curb. Show must be.

The “Line-Lock” feature shows that it supports the really big show. Mode activated and the Mustang only blocks the front axle. The rear axle can then turn the noble Pirelli P Zero into smoke during the burnout. What is that good for? Well – just ask your 18-year-old junior…

Test driving report 002 Ford Mustang GT 5 liter V8

Here is playing the music

There's nothing like displacement. And 5 liters is something that you can work with. The eighth person's joy of life is poured into the block. The sound alone is an incredible show. “Goosebumps” is what the American calls the “bumblebee tits” on his arm. Emotions are sound, sound is emotional. And that fits the Ford Mustang. The V8 reacts unusually lightly to the driver's request for speed. Just let the tachometer needle turn dizzy. Even this is no stranger to the old school V8. Accompanied by the brumbling, babbling, cheering sound of the V8 engine. This is how you can do it.

There would be an automatic. Real men, however, who switch by hand.

Even if it's a bit boring, like the Ford Mustang. You feel the massive forces that have to be moved. Just loosely loosen the clutch? Not quite simple. The Mustang plays the macho in the circuit and transmission sector. Lets his genes see through.

But how could you resent anything with this sound? Its passage is classically oriented in the direction of engine speed. One is simply screwed up by the many turbodiesels and their abundance of torque, the thought briefly comes up: Why should one get involved with a naturally aspirated V8 when turbo engines can simply do everything better today? And then vibrates from good 160 km / h even the hood. There is a lot of wind that is gathering somewhere and wants to tell the driver about potential in aerodynamics. But what about the fine-tuning, if you show off under the hood with 421 PS and 530 Nm?

Test driving report 012 Ford Mustang GT 5 liter V8

The double whopper

The vibrating bonnet is one of those points that are simply accepted. For free. The fact that the Mustang hops over a bump like a badly tuned Golf GTI at 260 km / h is questionable. There is a place on the A3 motorway between Frankfurt Airport and Aschaffenburg, there is a transverse joint in the path of the ambitious left-lane pilot. There are cars that don't even blink their eyelashes at 260 km / h. The Mustang presses itself briefly into the springs, then loses a bit of traction, the traction control wants to intervene to regulate and chokes all the power away from the engine. Meanwhile, the driver hangs on his seat belt. Does the trust create? In any case, it shows again which direction the Mustang is going. If you want to move it quickly, you need eggs. Point.

Five driving modes can be accessed on the Mustang: normal, sport, sport plus and race track as well as snow/wet. Anyone who tries this will adjust the parameters for steering, throttle response, switching times and ESP task. The translation for “track” with the term terrain in the test car still contained the same error as last year at the premiere of the Ford Mustang in Germany.

But it does not always have to be fast. Sovereign cruising dominates the now-best-selling sports car in the world as well. This also curbs a little the thirst of the wild horse, which was between 11,9 and 16,6 liters per 100 kilometer during our test and sometimes even below standard consumption.

The rigid axle is no longer on board - but the independent suspension is also more developed for the US style of drive. For this, the German Ford Mustang come in series with the performance package. This not only has the modified chassis set-up, additional struts in the engine compartment and a larger stabilizer on the rear axle, but also the stable Brembo brake system.

In the fast excursion over angled country roads, the Mustang lacks a bit of sensitivity in the steering. Especially in the middle position, it is difficult to determine what exactly is the center. ESP off and the topic with the middle layer is history anyway. In principle, the Mustang can simply be thrown around the corner at any time thanks to its aggressive gas-hung V8. That the Mustang is not a lightweight, it does not play such a big role in cross-driving.


He is an icon. He remains an icon. And if the interior had not been blessed with the usual shortcomings, it would have been clearer, easier to switch and less thirsty - but it would still not be more fun. The Mustang lives from its V8 and whoever chooses the icon can only make one choice: hand switch + V8. Point.

Test driving report 001 Ford Mustang GT 5 liter V8

[toggle title=”Engine and Transmission”]
Ford Mustang GT 5.0
Motor V8, naturally aspirated engine, direct injection
Capacity 4.951 cc
Performance 421 hp @ 6.600 rpm
kraft 530 Nm @ 4.250 rpm
Transmission 6 gearbox, manual
drive axle Rear-wheel drive, mech. differential lock
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Dimensions and performance”]
Length Width Height  4.78, 1.91, 1.38
wheelbase 2.720 mm
Empty weight 1.720 kg
turning circle 12,2m
top speed 250 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h 4,9 sec
standard consumption 13,5l / 100 km
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Consumption in the test”]
everyday driver 12-13 l / 100 km
Eco-expert 9,2 l / 100 km
Field service mode 21 l / 100 km
 New round of standard (small) 10,8 l / 100 km
[/ Toggle]


(Photos: Ford)

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