Test: Madza2 e-Skyactiv G 115

The Mazda2 is no longer the youngest. But it doesn't belong on the scrap heap.

The Mazda2 has been around since 2015. Various facelifts have kept the small car fresh over the years. The little one got one again in the spring, and the 1,5 liter petrol engine with 85 kW/115 hp, which has been retired in the meantime, is now part of the range of engines again. The everyday test clarifies how fresh and brisk the Mazda2 can be on its day.

The Japanese came to the test in the highest equipment variant, Sports-Line. In combination with the 115 hp engine, Mazda is asking a whopping 23.400 euros for it. After all: With the exception of two extras, everything that the price list says is on board – including automatic air conditioning, head-up display, height-adjustable and heated driver and front passenger seats, navigation, matrix LED lights, reversing camera, 16-inch aluminum and many more assistants. For the very beautiful metallic paint "Soul Red Crystal" 1.000 euros are due. If you don't want to or don't have to save: the color brings out the still chic-looking shapes of the Mazda2. The same amount goes for a technology package with adaptive cruise control, City Emergency Brake Assist, drowsiness detection and a 360-degree monitor.

It's not just the external shapes that please, the interior is also convincing with its processing quality and choice of materials. Nothing rattles, rattles or crackles. The space available in the 4,07 meter long five-door car, on the other hand, is clear. It's still reasonably comfortable at the front, but it gets tight at the back. However, if you are mainly traveling alone or in pairs, you will not be bothered by the restricted layout of the rear. Then the trunk volume is enough (280 to almost 900 liters). When loading the piece of luggage, you train your arm muscles due to the rather high sill. It is also impractical that there is a step when the rear seat backrests are folded down.

The visible and tactile plastics in the interior have a high-quality effect, and the seats are comfortably upholstered. The cockpit doesn't look overly modern, but it doesn't look old-fashioned either. However, the Mazda2 will disappoint fans of large displays. The infotainment system only has an 8-inch touchscreen. It can be operated by tapping or using a rotary pushbutton on the center console. Not everything worked intuitively, even the voice control didn't necessarily want to understand what was being said. On the other hand, the traffic sign recognition surprised by a comparatively good identification of the signs. They were less able to recognize vehicles from higher classes. The central instrument with its large rev counter is also unusual. The speed is only displayed small. Did the sporting spirit get away with one of the interior designers?

Speaking of sportiness: The 115 hp engine has little trouble with the vehicle, which weighs a good 1,5 tons. The four-cylinder that does not require a turbo, but from one 22,5 volt mild hybrid system is supported, is easy on the gas and ensures a harmonious power output when shifting the six-speed gearbox diligently. And it remains pleasantly quiet inside, since the four-cylinder rumbles away quietly, unlike many three-cylinders in other small cars. Theoretically, a speed of 200 km/h would be possible on the motorway, and the sprint from to country road speed takes 9,1 seconds. However, the Mazda2 should not be bought as a sports cannon. Although the steering acts directly and the brakes can grip properly, the Japanese remains a brave overall package. He tries to camouflage this with a fairly tight chassis and by passing bumps on to the buttock muscles of the occupants, but he doesn't succeed. Ultimately, the 115 hp engine offers peak power in overtaking maneuvers ahead of all. There is nothing to criticize when it comes to consumption. Mazda specifies 5 liters as the WLTP standard value. On average, 5,2 liters flowed through the lines in everyday life.

Despite his age, he is Mazda2 still an attractive appearance. You have to make compromises when it comes to space, but it is easier to find a parking space due to its dimensions. If the top version is too expensive for you: the 1,5-liter unit is also available with 55 kW/75 hp or 66 kW/90 hp. It starts from around 15.000 euros, but in the poorly equipped Prime Line version without air conditioning. A 6-year guarantee is always included

Elfriede Munsch / SP-X

Madza2 e-Skyactiv G 115 – Specifications:
Five-door, five-seat small car, length: 4,07 meters, width: 1,70 meters (with exterior mirrors 2,03 meters), height: 1,52 meters. Wheelbase: 2,57 meters, trunk volume: 280 - 887 liters

1,5 liter four-cylinder petrol engine, 85 kW/115 hp, front-wheel drive, six-speed manual transmission, maximum torque: 151 Nm at 3.500 rpm, Vmax: 200 km/h, 0-100 km/h: 9,8 s, Vmax: 183 km/h, consumption (WLTP): 5 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 113 g/km, emission standard: Euro d-ISC-FCM, efficiency class: B, test consumption: 5,2 l/100 mph; Price from: 23.390 euros.

Mazda2 - brief characteristics:

Why: still looks good, low consumption

Why not: limited space

What else: VW Polo, Kia Rio, Renault Clio

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