The Honda e:Ny1: A major world premiere

The Japanese Carmakers Honda recently unveiled its latest model, the e:Ny1. With its fresh and distinctive design as well as the latest Technologies The e:Ny1 follows the Honda development philosophy that puts people first. This fully electric SUVmodel combines a fun-oriented dynamic Character with cultivated driving characteristics and intuitively usable versatility.

e:Ny1: The next all-electric vehicle from Honda combines comfort, performance and technology

The design of the e:Ny1

Even at first glance, the independent and sophisticated Design of the e:Ny1. The short front overhang, the large wheels and the wide track give the vehicle a distinctive appearance. But it's not just the exterior that impresses, but also Honda's new electric design identity, which is being presented for the first time on the e:Ny1. With white H emblems on the front, the hubcaps and on the Steering wheel as well as a new Honda lettering on the tailgate, Honda shows a premium look that the future electric vehicles will shape the brand.

e:Ny1: The next all-electric vehicle from Honda combines comfort, performance and technology

inner space

Once in inner space seated in the e:Ny1 reveals a remarkable amount of space and higher Comfort. Honda has cleverly housed the electric drive components to make the Inmates to offer a generous feeling of space. The redesigned center console boasts a clever layout that includes easily accessible buttons, numerous storage options and even a wireless Charging cradle includes. The dashboard is uncluttered and houses an impressive 15,1-inch touchscreen displaying a full range of infotainment- and vehicle functions can be controlled.


But not only the design and the interior of the e:Ny1 convince, but also its technology and Performance. The vehicle is based on Honda's new e:N Architecture F, a custom front-engine platform that features a highly rigid body structure, a low center of gravity and carefully controlled underbody aerodynamics. These properties ensure a driving experience full of driving pleasure and confidence.


The drive unit of the e:Ny1, consisting of an electric motor and gearbox, is powerful yet lightweight. She produces an impressive maximum Performance from 150 kW and a torque of 310 Nm. This power enables a cultivated acceleration- and deceleration behavior that underlines the driving pleasure and driving dynamics of the e:Ny1. A powerful lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 68,8 kWh is located under the vehicle floor. This battery enables a range of up to 412 km (WLTP) and

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