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c-class w205 cancels

At a certain point in time, every new generation of vehicles struggles with the curiosity of the Erlkönig photographers. It was no different with the new C-Class. The first unmasked vehicles were photographed in video recordings early on… | Prototypes

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mercedes w205 c-class presentation

This is the new C-Class. Read the most important facts about the new Mercedes developed internally under the code W205. Even if the C-Class is the smallest rear-wheel drive sedan in the Star House, the new C-Class promises to be a real Mercedes again. | To the facts of the new C-Class

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mercedes c-class w205 opinions

What do the established media say about the new C-Class? What do the blogs and bloggers say about the little Sindelfinger star? This article will collect all articles about the new C-Class over the next few weeks, up to the first driving presentation. | Read …

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Great gallery

mercedes w205 c-class gallery

Mercedes-Benz gave me the opportunity to take my own photos of the new C-Class even before the public saw the little Mercedes. The result is a gallery with “very own” C-Class photos. | Click to the photos of the new C-Class

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Mercedes-Benz presents the new C-Class | W205

mercedes-benz the new c-class

W205 - the internal development code at Mercedes for the new C-Class.

With the presentation of the new C-Class for Mercedes in the coming year - officially the C-Class will not be presented until January in Detroit - one of the most important models in the product portfolio is entering a new generation. The expectations of a new Mercedes are always high. In the new S-Class Mercedes was able to score with safety, comfort and a new design language. For the new C-Class, the little sister of the big S-Class, Mercedes goes its own way. Only the step is still significantly larger. Touchpad, head-up display and an extremely modern interior control concept. Mercedes dares something.

The C-Class, a class of its own?


assistance systems

mercedes w205 assistance systems

Safety first. The new small limousine from Swabia impresses with a whole armada of assistance systems and comfort features. |  To: Safety and assistance systems in the new C-Class

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inner space

Mercedes W205 C-Class interior

Hard to believe, but Mercedes has actually reinvented itself. Especially in the interior impressed with a variety of fine detail solutions. | To the W205 interior

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seat fitting

W205 lightweight construction was already in the new C-Class. Whether the new C-Class is really a class higher at home than before can be read in the article. | For the first seat fitting
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W205 the engines

To the engines of the W205 [click]

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Mercedes new c-class prices

At the prices of the new C-Class [click]

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desired configuration

W205 desired configuration

My new C-Class 205 [click]

[/ one_third] [dropcap] T [/ dropcap] he new C-Class seems to me personally to be a real highlight. 2014 belongs to the new C-Class. A car that has reinvented itself. Get out of the corner of narrow-mindedness. Get out of the corner of the fun brakes. With a new, fresh, clear design and free of frills, one of the most important driving forces in the Swabian vehicle range is presented. The start with three engines is straightforward. The presentation of the limousine is just the beginning. The important T-model will follow, as will a plug-in hybrid and, of course, a sports version from AMG.

The new C-Class seems to me personally as a real highlight. 2014 is thus part of the new C-Class. A car that has reinvented itself. Out of the corner of the stuffiness. Get out of the corner of the fun brakes. With a new, fresh, clear design and free of flourishes presents itself one of the most important driving horses in the vehicle program of the Swabians. The beginning with three engines is manageable. The presentation of the sedan is only the beginning. The important T-model will follow, a plug-in hybrid as well and of course a sports version of AMG.

The new C-Class from Mercedes-Benz. A class of its own? A new class? A first driving report will provide new insights - and it will follow in spring 2014! * EDIT - Now online, the driving report for the W205!


- Driving report

c-class driving report

Axel was on site for mein-auto-blog at the presentation of the new C-Class in Marseille. To his driving report (click), And about the C300 BlueTEC Hybrid [click here].
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mbrt14 c-class

Mercedes sends the new C-Class on a road trip! #mbrt14 | Blogger post from Austria on the W205 road trip

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- Photos from Detroit

new class in detroit

C-Class photos from the premiere celebration in Detroit 2014.

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- Expert talk in Detroit

Expert Talk in Detroit

Robert Lesnik and Michael Christof answered questions.

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Driving report new -class france marseille

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