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You must have driven these 5 Hot Hatches in 2022!

Sporty small cars were once a must for car manufacturers. The credo was lots of fun for little money. With the last representatives of this genus, the driving pleasure is higher than ever. But so are the prices.

Whether it was Turbo, XR80, GSi and G2, as it was in the 40s, or OPC, RS and Cupra in the noughties – the name suffixes were as numerous and varied as the selection of sporty small cars themselves.Hot hatch“, which has long been a must-have for high-volume manufacturers, has now become a rare species. Strict EU limits require expensive technology for cleaning exhaust gases, which has a toxic effect on a price-sensitive segment. In view of the climate and energy crisis, the rioters also have a image problem. However, the segment is not completely dead. At least five manufacturers remain loyal to the theme in quite different ways.

Ford is presenting an ST edition of its multi-award-winning compact sports car, which transforms it into a veritable "track tool" for committed trips to closed-off circuits. The limited special model of the successful series produced in Cologne-Niehl, developed by Ford Performance, rushes even more ambitiously through the curves thanks to a stainless steel coilover suspension with three different drive programs that was developed on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring and is adjustable in rebound and compression stages. A Quaife mechanical locking differential for the driven front wheels is also available as an option. The 1,5 liter Ford EcoBoost three-cylinder with 147 kW (200 hp) continues to provide powerful propulsion. It accelerates the most agile Ford Fiesta ST of all times to 6,5 km/h in 100 seconds and enables a top speed of 230 km/h. The Ford Fiesta ST Edition can be ordered now and costs from 32.000 euros.
Photo: Ford

Ford Fiesta ST

With the Fiesta ST, Ford once again launched a sporty small car in the tradition of the genre. Of the Downsized three-cylinder of the ST unleashes crisply staged 147 kW/200 hp. Optionally supported by a front axle locking differential, the Fiesta Furiosa storms from a standstill to 6,5 km/h in 100 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 232 km/h. He hangs on the gas greedily and with an emotional soundscape. Thanks to a successful suspension tuning It is mainly curves in which the Cologne Express shows its skills. At the same time, the Fiesta is a viable everyday car, apart from the moderate comfort of the suspension. Especially since it is now always four-door, because three-door models flew out of the Fiesta program in spring 2022. Also because of the additional doors, the price of the ST has risen sharply to 30.000 euros.

Small and mean: With the Abarth F595, the fun factor is very important

Abarth 595/695

The Cinquecento derivatives of the sporty Fiat offshoot Abarth are also stormy and robust. Compared to any other car, the little Italian looks like a tiny one. But the giant maw in the front apron, rubber-coated sports wheels, side skirts and a rear diffuser with double-pipe exhaust ends clearly indicate: He doesn't just want to play. The poison dwarf is available in different performance levels. Even the weakest version, the 595 with 121 kW/165 hp, completes the sprint in just over 7 seconds and manages almost 220 km/h. However, the Abarth is narrow, hard and technically a bit old. In the case of the 595, it starts at around 25.000 euros, and 30.000 euros for the 180 hp 695.

The VW Polo GTI is both fast and extremely comfortable


The Polo GTI is a Karacho small car that has once outgrown its youthful wildness. 2,0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, seven-speed DSG and 152 kW/207 hp still ensure a certain degree of sovereignty, which is also reflected in the performance (6,5 seconds/240 km/h). However, the currently smallest GTI refrains from any acoustic, optical or chassis-side riot. Purists and fans of crisp mechanics could therefore consider the Wolfsburg little eccentric feel. As a comfortable everyday car with oomph and a compact golf alternative, the Polo GTI, on the other hand, is a bank. The times when there were still very sporty small cars for 20.000 euros are also long gone at VW. You have to invest at least 32.000 euros for the Wolfsburg center forward.

Hyundai only entered the segment of sporty small cars in 2021 with the i20 N

Hyundai i20 N

While Ford and VW have a long tradition of powerful engines small car can look back, Hyundai only entered this segment with the i20 N in 2021. However, at a high level: the four-door offers a 150 kW/204 hp 1,6-liter turbo petrol engine, which delights with double-declutching fanfares when changing the six-speed gearshift. The robust sound is not an empty promise, because the sprint to 100 km/h is done in 6,7 seconds, with a maximum speed of 230 km/h. Anyone who wants to rush through corners hard on the gas is with the Korean well served. In tight corners close to the limit, it doesn't need to fear an opponent in its class. On the other hand, Hyundai remains slightly below class level in terms of prices, because at just over 29.000 euros it keeps a slight distance from its competitors.

Toyota Yaris GR 2022

With the GR Yaris, Toyota has set the bar particularly high in the small car segment

GR Toyota Yaris

Also a kind late bloomer is the Yaris GR, with which Toyota has set an exclamation point for its sports label Gazoo Racing. Since 2021, the Japanese has been stirring up the league of powerful small cars with 192 kW/261 hp. The lush power from a 1,6-liter three-cylinder is distributed to all four wheels. It is shifted manually, six forward gears are available. The standard sprint completes racing dwarf in 5,5 seconds, the top speed is limited to 230 km/h. You could move the GR Yaris with less than 10 liters consumption, but it is 14 to 15 liters if you give it a little spur. The occupants should also not be squeamish when it comes to comfort. The Yaris passes on any bumps directly to the buttocks and back. It also looks like a wolf with wide sills, large air intakes, red brake calipers and twin tailpipes. The highly motorized high-flyer costs 34.000 euros.

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