15 years Toyota Yaris

It was only recently that the three-millionth vehicle left the assembly line in France - more precisely in Valenciennes. The Toyota Yaris is therefore also in the third generation a real success, but is currently undergoing a change. Every third new Yaris is now a hybrid. The result of ecological progress: consumption and emissions have almost halved. Production, which operates in a more sustainable way with water, waste and energy, naturally also plays a large part in this.

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Generation 1 of the Japanese small car

The green conscience has changed over the years - also with the Toyota Yaris. So it got greener and greener and halved its balance in terms of consumption and CO2 emissions. What is exciting, however, is that the weight and performance have grown over the years. A tribute to safety and comfort. The Toyota Yaris Hybrid, which was introduced in 2012, contributes to the reduction in emissions and consumption that should not be underestimated. Its advantage over hybrid vehicles, which most people immediately think of when you think of the concept: The small car doesn't look strange. No, the Toyota Yaris will remain an ordinary small car hybrid.

The production of the Japanese small car also shows itself - sensibly - in line with the green potential. Thanks to its low construction, the building does not look alien to its surroundings, but adapted, while the storage bins were created to save space. The best results can be seen in the management of water, waste and energy: Currently, the production 90 uses percent less water, i.e. still in the year 2002. The key word here is recycling: water from public pipes is not used, only rain or recycled water. In addition, clearly reduced energy costs are achieved through good thermal insulation and energy-saving lighting.

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The three millionth Toyota Yaris - a reason to celebrate

One can only hope that other manufacturers will jump on this bandwagon and also think about sustainability in the production of vehicles. This is the only way to sell high numbers nowadays. The three millionth Toyota Yaris, for example, which went to a French woman, is the best example of success with the green thumb.

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