The largest automakers in the world

The largest automobile manufacturer in 2020 was Toyota

After Volkswagen sold the most vehicles worldwide in 2019, the group had to give up the top position again in 2020. The second from 2019 is now leading again.

The largest automobile manufacturer in 2020 was Toyota. With 9,53 million vehicles sold, the Japanese are again in first place ahead of Volkswagen - despite a decrease of around 1,2 million vehicles compared to 2019. This is shown by a Statista graphic based on company information. The German group was able to sell 9,31 million vehicles worldwide and thus recorded a decrease of almost 1,6 million vehicles compared to the previous year and has to be content with second place. General Motors follows in third place with 6,8 million vehicles sold. The newly formed Stellantis Group, which forms a Franco-Italian-American brand conglomerate with FCA and PSA, is in fourth place with 5,95 million vehicles. Japanese manufacturer Honda, which only has a small market share in Germany, is fourth with 4 million vehicles , 4,19 million vehicles in fifth place worldwide. The second German company in the ranking is Daimler (2,84 million, 10th place), followed by BMW (2,32 million, 11th place). 
The corona pandemic left a big dent in sales worldwide in 2020. Sales declines between 6 percent (China) and 27 percent (Brazil) had to be absorbed in the past year.

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