First ride: The Toyota Avensis, a reliable companion

First ride with the new Avensis in the Swiss Alps
The new Toyota Avensis - reliable and with a lot of charm
Chic design
Chic design

Toyota relies more than ever on the reliable D-segment representative of its model range. The Avensis combines beautiful design with driving pleasure and utility. He doesn't want to hide his family affiliation. On the contrary: the front visually leads him very close to his brothers Yaris, Auris and Verso. In the Swiss Alps, we were able to test the new Avensis with all engines that were presented with an entry-level price of 23.640 euros for the sedan.

Since its market launch at the end of 1997, three generations and more than 100.000 units of the Avensis designed, developed and built in Europe have been sold in Germany. So far, most of its customers have come from the private sector, and in the future they want to address the fleet manager and company car owners. Quality, durability and reliability document among other things the winning of the highest rating of all vehicle classes in the JD Power customer satisfaction survey by 2014.

2.0 liter diesel engine from BMW
2.0 liter diesel engine from BMW

The clear range of engines includes two petrol and two diesel units. The gasoline engines, a 1.6 liter engine with 97 kW (132 hp) and a 1.8 liter engine with 108 kW (147 hp) are exclusively Toyota products. They can optionally be equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox or, in the case of the 1.8 liter engine, with a Multidrive S gearbox. Both engines meet the Euro 6 emissions standard even without automatic start & stop. The diesel units from the supplier BMW fuel the vehicles with a 1.6 liter and 2.0 liter engine. The 1.6 liter engine runs with a nominal output of 82 kW (112 hp) and a torque of 270 Newton meters at 1750 - 2250 revolutions. The more powerful 2.0 liter unit puts 105 kW (143 hp) and 320 Newton meters on the road at 1750 - 2250 rpm. Both diesel units replace both the 1.8 liter diesel and the 2.2 liter diesel from the Japanese automaker. With these new engines, too, the emissions standard 6 is achieved.

After just a few kilometers, you can see how well the tested Avensis Touring Sports 2.0 D-4D not only picks up potholes and bumps on the road, but also that it can be handled safely during evasive maneuvers. High stability and comfortable driving behavior can be seen as the hallmarks of the sporty tourer. Thanks to the new geometry and new software calibration, the superior power steering also provides even more feedback than before and improves stability on straight lines and in bends alike. So the vehicle cuts a very good figure even when running straight ahead. The standard consumption of 4,5 liters per 100 kilometers specified by the manufacturer cannot be fully achieved in practice. Our test car requires a good 5,5 liter. But that's still a remarkably good value for a vehicle like the Avensis.

Avensis Touring Sports can accommodate up to five people with a vehicle length of 4,82 meters. Even with full seating, the Avensis Touring Sports is not stingy when it comes to trunk volume. 543 liters of maximum capacity are among the better values ​​in the class. If the Avensis driver folds down the entire rear seat, the vehicle opens up a stowage volume of a full 1609 liter.

Clearly structured cockpit
Clearly structured cockpit

The clearly designed cockpit with elongated, horizontal lines and the instrument panel as an eye-catcher and control center ensures a spacious feeling at the front. The intuitively operated elements in the driver area quickly introduce even inexperienced Toyota drivers to the operation of navigation, telephony, media and on-board computer. Another plus is the ergonomic front seats, which can be adjusted in many ways.

The basic standard equipment feature “Toyota Safety Sense” already includes a pre-collision system, a front collision warning system, an emergency brake assistant and an autonomous emergency braking function. In the next equipment line, “Comfort”, there is only a high-beam assistant added to the system.

2015-06-12 09_13
The "Toyota Safety Sense" is part of the standard equipment.

As far as optics are concerned, the designers have transferred the silhouette of the Avensis with flowing sculptural shapes and precisely designed details to the characteristic Toyota design philosophy. The front with its elegant headlights, wing-shaped LED daytime running lights and a typical Toyota grill with a dominant chrome clasp and large emblem are eye-catchers. The rear also looks stretched and athletic.

At the end...

The Avensis not only looks very appealing in both body styles and, with its typical Toyota design, offers the status of a Japanese carmaker, it also drives like a real Toyota: powerful and sporty, but also efficient, safe and reliable.

2015-06-11 16_11
Toyota Avensis: powerful and sporty, but also efficient, safe and reliable

Toyota Avensis Touring Sports 2.0-lD-4D: 

For sale: summer 2015
Base Price: € 23.640
Engine performance: 105 kW (143 PS)
Drive and transmission: Six-speed manual transmission
Acceleration: 9.5 seconds from 0-100 km / h
Consumption - combined: 4.4 liters on 100 km
maximum speed: 200 km/h
Length, width, height, wheelbase 4.820, 1.810, 1.480, 2.700 mm
Photos in the article: Stefan Beckmann Cover photo: Stefan Beckmann
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