First exit: Toyota Aygo - Kleinstwagen with the big X

Can I someday be a good automotive journalist? Probably not, because I am usually insufficiently prepared for press events by the manufacturers: I am not equipped with a folding rule to measure the height of the loading sill, nor do I have an automotive almanac to be able to immediately verify the statement by the press officer that the vehicle presented meanwhile 20 has competitors .Uff, so many? Yes, because it is the new Toyota Aygo and it competes in the now very competitive 10.000 Euro microcar class. A first test shows what can be expected from this automotive base.

The new Toyota Aygo

Small car with the big X

But how do I test at all, so completely unprepared, but also impartially? At the beginning, I am guided by the first impression and honestly: Toyota managed to surprise me. Like the first generation Aygo like its twin brothers Citroën C1 and Peugeot 107, which are also produced in the Czech Republic, the Japanese have jumped beyond their shadow for the second generation. Such an extrovert design has never been seen at Toyota before ... The striking X in the face of the 3,45 meter dwarf with the grim look, the jagged window line and the crescent-shaped taillights, which seem to pinch the glass tailgate - yes, that has something. Unfortunately, the interior does not live up to the promise of the crunchy shell: a little carelessly, cheap plastic types meet here at all corners and edges. The only thing that really stands out in the cockpit is a 7-inch touchscreen, which can optionally be expanded with a navigation system, a reversing camera and MirrorLink, the latest standard for smartphone integration in the car. Otherwise, only the colored borders of the ventilation nozzles and the switching console help, to drive the sadness out of the four-seater a bit - for an additional charge. Where: Who is talking about four-seater? The second row of seats is actually only reasonable if the pilot and co-pilot do not exceed a body size of 175cm.


Rough, smoky three-cylinder

The second test criterion is my gut feeling. This is pleasantly massaged by the hoarse, smoky, three-cylinder engine, but unfortunately the 69PS flea does not want to convey the driving dynamics that the marketing department has set for it. The suction motor torments too much with the (depending on the equipment) up to 985 kilograms. Even shifting down in the somewhat numbly slipping five-speed gearbox hardly helps, because the Aygo actually only gets louder, but not really faster. No, the highway is definitely not the territory of the little Japanese. And basically not the country road either. The seats simply don't offer enough lateral support for this. But the Aygo is at least stingy in consumption. On my test lap the 998 cm³ engine 5,1l petrol per 100km pulled through the combustion chambers. Toyota even specifies a liter less, but apparently they don't want to get there quickly.


Starting price from 9.950 €

Stage three of my test procedure is a night's sleep. I need it to let the experience sink and then compare it with the official press releases, analyze the technical data and study price lists. Here I come back to the start: Toyota definitely does not want to show its young urban clientele an X for a U, because there are three model variants: the Aygo x, x-play and x-play touch. On top of that there is 19 at the start of sales. July also three edition models with the names x-cite, x-clusiv and x-wave, as well as an extensive customization program to let the X shine in different colors in the radiator grille. However, if you put a lot of X in the configurator, you will also reap a price well above the starting price of 9.950 Euro for the three-door. The five-door top variant x-play touch for 12.350 Euro can be easily balanced over the 15.000 Euro threshold with leather, the really chic special color Vulcan red, folding roof and automatic start-stop. Fortunately, ABS, ESP, traction control and six airbags are standard in all models. But that was already standard with the 250 Euro cheaper predecessor.


Conclusion of the first exit

So don't expect too much from the new Toyota Aygo. Even in the second generation, the small car remains a thoroughly honest car in the fight against VW up !, Kia Picanto, Fiat Panda and Co. around the smallest parking space in the urban jungle. Technically everything stays the same and only the design and the in-car entertainment have been updated. Did the colleague come to a similar conclusion with a folding rule, car catalog and pre-memorized price list?


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