Is the Toyota hydrogen-powered sedan better than the electric car?

Today, everyone is relying on the battery, regardless of whether it is VW or Audi, only Toyota goes its own way. When it comes to their own electric course, the Japanese prefer to use cars with fuel cells that do not use electricity but instead use hydrogen. Brought already five years ago. Toyota launched a fuel cell car as standard with the “Mirai”.

Not a great success
Toyota had expected significantly more from its first hydrogen car, but the number of cars sold remained manageable. Perhaps that was also due to the somewhat weird design of the car, which took some getting used to. While the predecessor “Prius” was not a real beauty, the “Mirai” managed to top this design. The new “Mirai”, which is due to hit the market in early 2021, looks a little different. This is a coupé sedan with five doors and a fuel cell drive. The design still makes an impression, because the nearly five-meter-long sedan has pleasing proportions that are reminiscent of the Audi A7 or the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé.

Finally attractive
Toyota says it wants to build a car that people want to buy based on its performance and looks. Now the spherical shape has finally disappeared and the car that runs on hydrogen has become attractive. The car with its flowing forms stands on 19-inch wheels, which gives it a sporty look. The new generation of fuel cells sits under the sheet metal at the front. The three tanks are arranged in a T-shape and built into the underbody of the car. One tank sits in the rear behind the axle, one in front and one in the center tunnel. Together they have a volume of 142,2 liters. The Toyota drives up to 650 kilometers without having to refuel.

No belief
Alongside Hyundai, Toyota is currently the only car manufacturer who believes in fuel cells. Audi does not have this belief, they still swear by batteries here. From 2030 Audi only wants to sell electric cars, and cars with combustion engines should then be a thing of the past.

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