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Combo Purchase advice Toyota RAV 4 

Toyota established the “compact SUV” class in 1994 with the first generation of the RAV4. RAV 4 stood for the English name: “Recreational Active Vehicle with four wheel drive”. What causes a knot in the tongue in English is supposed to express the desire for a leisure automobile. A car for everyday life, leisure, fun, sport and family.

Especially in its first generation, the RAV 4 was regarded as an extremely active automobile. Agile handling should still be a great talent of the current RAV4. In addition, the RAV 4 has also grown considerably and today offers a total length of 4.57 meters (+ 75 cm compared to the first generation of 1994) more space than ever before.

If you are interested in the compact SUV from Toyota, you should read this buying guide.

With a length of 4,57 meters, a width of 1,85 meters and a height of 1.66 meters, the RAV4 is now a "big one" among the compact SUVs.
With a length of 4,57 meters, a width of 1,85 meters and a height of 1.66 meters, the RAV4 is now a “big one” among the compact SUVs.
Length Width Height 4.570 x 1.845 x 1.660 mm
Wheelbase: 2.660 mm
Ground clearance: 187 mm
Aerodynamics: cW: 0,323 / 0,314




 The engine selection

Toyota offers the RAV4 with two different diesel engines and one gasoline engine. In addition, restrictions in the choice of the combination of motor, gearbox and drive type must be taken into account. The two diesel engines are in-house developments by Toyota. In the future, Toyota will also offer diesel engines from its collaboration with BMW in its own models. The two diesel engines are each common rail turbodiesel with 16 valve technology and have a displacement of 2.0 liters and 124 hp and a displacement of 2.2 liters and 150 hp. Both diesel engines currently have the Euro 5 emissions standard.

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displacement: 1.998 cc
Power: 124 PS / 3.600 RPM
torque: 310 Nm / 1.600 - 2.400 rpm
Combined with: 6 gearbox manual front wheel drive
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displacement: 2.231 cc
Power: 150 PS / 3.600 RPM
torque: 340 Nm / 2.000 - 2.800 rpm
Combined with:6 gear manual or automatic. all wheel drive

The petrol engine is a classic four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with a displacement of two liters and 151 hp. In contrast to the small diesel, the gasoline engine is only available in the variant with dynamic all-wheel drive. However, the customer can choose between a manual six-speed gearbox and a multi-drive baptized continuously variable automatic.

gasoline2.0 Valvematic
displacement: 1.987 cc
Power: 151 PS / 6.200 RPM
torque: 195 Nm / 4.000 rpm
Emission standard: Euro-5
The most attractive engine for the RAV4 is the 2.2 liter diesel with 150 PS - power and economy are balanced here.
The most attractive engine for the RAV4 is the 2.2 liter diesel with 150 hp - power and economy are in balance here.

 consumption Consumption

The consumption values ​​according to the NEDC standard are useful for the sterile comparison of car A with car B. However, this does not say anything about the real consumption values. To get a little light on the dark chapter “Real Consumption”, I'll go to mine own consumption tests. Toyota was able to provide me with what is probably the most economical RAV4 for a test. The RAV4 with front-wheel drive, manual six-speed gearbox and the 2.0 D-4D diesel engine. The test drives showed the following values:

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Everyday driver, without savings


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Eco expert with a green toe


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Field service with full throttle desire


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All figures in liters on 100 kilometers

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