Motorsport for the base - with the van on the ring

True to the motto "if something has an engine, you can also race it", Toyota has now converted a van into a racing car in Great Britain. The Proace is scheduled to start in the new British Touring Van Championship in July. Three private teams have already ordered their racing vans.

With the use of the van as a racing car, Toyota is responding to the demand for inexpensive motorsport, which should also remain affordable for amateurs. "On the seven square meters of the Proace's loading area, you can transport everything you need for racing Sunday and you have your vehicle with you," explains Gideon "Gig" Gleman, spokesman for the new racing series. "If something no longer fits, it is not important for the race either."

How serious Toyota is with the use of the Proace racing van is likely to have been noticed by keen-eyed observers on British roads. For some time now, the vehicles have been practicing racing starts at the stop-and-go of the traffic lights at A4 west of London and doing endurance runs on the M62 for 24. Because long-distance suitability in particular is of immense importance in transporter races. For this reason too, extensive test laps are planned for this month on the legendary Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. There, the teams will compete in the renowned truck cup with chances of victory. A start at the 24 hour race is also being considered.

When the new series starts in the UK in July, the Proace teams will immediately be among the favorites. Rumor has it that it will even be used in the British Touring Car Championship. There they meet the Toyota Avensis. In order to demonstrate the brand affiliation and not least in honor of the successful touring cars, the Proace racers should start there as Avansis.

Toyota already has experience with the use of transport vehicles in races. In the USA, Formula 1 champion Kimi Raikkonen started in a tundra pickup. Use with such a vehicle in this country is more likely to be understood as an April Fool's joke

Edit: This message was on 1. April 2013 released. So as a hint 😉

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