News: Toyota Mirai - European launch in three markets

The fuel cell car Toyota Mirai will be launched in September at prices starting at EUR 78.540. Throughout Europe, the electric limousine is initially only available in Great Britain and Denmark, apart from Germany. The Scandinavian country is rather insignificant as a car market, but it has a well-developed network of hydrogen filling stations.

In the first two years, around 50 to 100 vehicles are to be delivered to Europe from the Japanese plant, up to 40 of them to Germany each year. Other countries will not follow until 2017. The model has been available in Japan since the end of 2014. Around 3.000 units are produced annually.

A special feature of the Mirai is the hydrogen fuel cell, which supplies a 113 kW / 154 hp electric motor with electricity and is intended to enable a range of around 500 kilometers. That would be significantly above the level that was previously possible with batteries and would be comparable to the values ​​of a conventional petrol model. There are no local emissions, only water vapor is emitted from the exhaust.

With the Mirai, Toyota wants to become a pioneer in the field of fuel cells. Vehicles from other brands, such as Hyundai, are currently on the road with this technology in the form of small series models or prototypes. Toyota now wants to build several thousand cars a year.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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