Toyota at the IAA 2013

The appearance at the International Motor Show IAA 2013 in Frankfurt, Toyota dedicates itself entirely to hybrid technology. Toyota has been producing hybrid vehicles in series production for 16 years and currently offers a total of 80 models with this innovative drive in 23 countries worldwide. At the end of July, Toyota Motor Corporation's hybrid sales totaled over 5,5 million vehicles. On the IAA in Frankfurt the Japanese car manufacturer gives an insight into possible future technologies on the way to an emission-free automobile.

YARIS Hybrid-R concept

With the Yaris Hybrid-R concept car, Toyota is demonstrating the potential of hybrid technology to develop high-performance vehicles that are designed to guarantee maximum driving pleasure. The concept vehicle is based on a three-door Yaris, its drive consists of the 1,6-liter internal combustion engine developed by Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) and two powerful electric motors with which Toyota realizes an "intelligent" electric all-wheel drive. Like the TS030 hybrid racing car, the energy gained from braking is stored in a super capacitor, which is particularly suitable for sports use due to its high power density and its ability to absorb and release energy particularly quickly. A dual mode control optimizes the vehicle for use on the road or on the racetrack.

Toyota has been researching and developing environmentally compatible mobility concepts for over 40 years. With 23 full hybrid models, the Toyota Motor Corporation currently four times as many hybrid vehicles in around 80 countries worldwide as any other manufacturer. At the end of July, global global sales of Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles totaled over 5,5 million units - more than 26 percent of which are sold in Europe. The current hybrid share in Germany is 12 percent. The Toyota and Lexus hybrid models have saved an estimated 34 billion liters of fuel and 2 million tons of CO2015 worldwide compared to conventionally powered vehicles. By the end of 16, Toyota will present XNUMX new or facelifted hybrid vehicles.

Fuel cell vehicles with hydrogen as a clean energy source also offer an excellent technical solution to the zero-emission vehicle. At the IAA 2013, Toyota will be presenting the latest development in fuel cell technology. Toyota plans to present the first production vehicle in 2015.

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