Toyota: A big brother for the Mirai

The next generation of the Lexus LS luxury sedan could drive up with fuel cell technology from 2017. According to a report by the Australian magazine "Motoring", the components are said to be partially from Toyota Mirai will be taken over.

However, the flagship of the sister brand is to be given a more powerful electric motor: if the Toyota mid-range sedan announced for 2015 has to make do with 114 kW / 155 PS, the two-size Lexus has 220 kW / 299 PS. The range with a full hydrogen tank is 383 kilometers, but almost 100 kilometers shorter.

Toyota plans to sell at least 2020 fuel cell cars annually in 50.000. In addition to the Mirai and the LS, a Toyota SUV for the US market could help.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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