Toyota GT86 Facelift - Just the Beginning?

2012: A jolt went through the sports car world - the Toyota GT86 and the sister model, the Subaru BRZ saw the light of day. Small, light, affordable and rear-wheel-driven, the two Japanese racers showed that we had to wait too long for a veritable athlete from the Far East. The 200 PS from the 2.0 liter boxer engine sounded pretty promising. But the car was so well balanced and offers such a nice balance that the engine power sounds more like an entry, because after the end of the flagpole sounds. Now Toyota shows the facelift of the GT86 and offers more of everything - only the performance remains the same.

Toyota GT86 Face Lift 2016 My Car Blog (3)
New rear end, old spoiler. As always a matter of taste

The design of the Toyota GT86 shows the typical lines of a coupé: Long bonnet, short rear, extended wheelbase. The facelift does not change that either. But the lines are streamlined. So the grille grew a bit, while the front apron looks fresher. But it is new that the Toyota GT86 brings a complete LED equipment. Both the main, as well as the fog lights and the daytime running lights have this technique. There are also taillights, which are also illuminated by LEDs. Again, the lines have been tightened and gives an idea more handsome, but without leaving the predecessor look old. What remains is only the rear spoiler, which acts as a foreign body.

However, the two equipment lines are not likely to be alien: both the top model, the Toyota GT86, as well as the entry-level version, the Toyota GT86 Pure, retained their name, but even in the base with a rich equipment. On an air conditioner, a multimedia audio system or sports seats you have to do without the Japanese coupe. In addition to alloy wheels, the higher-end model offers an additional 4,2 inch display that can display all sorts of vehicle data: from the torque and power curve, through lap times, to the centrifugal forces.

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Here in the picture: The US version, which does not have a spoiler due to the omnipresent speed limits

All well and good, for the sports car fan but the optimizations under the plate are more interesting. Thus, the Toyota GT86 with the facelift offers an even finer chassis tuning with a modified suspension and damping. Also part of the game is the crisp six-speed gear, which just better matches the sports car, as the comfort-stressed six-speed automatic transmission. But with these optimizations, there is a question: where is the plus in performance? Where the pressure from lower speeds? Where the motor potential to go to the limits of the vehicle? We hope that something will come!

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