Toyota Mirai: More hydrogen

Auto maker Toyota is stopping production of its new one fuel cells-Autos Mirai up: After 700 vehicles this year, 2016 units should roll off the assembly line in 2.000, and 3.000 a year later.

The Japanese are responding to increased demand: Around 1.500 orders have been placed for the Mirai, which has been available in Japan since mid-December. When driving, hydrogen is converted into electrical energy; only water vapor is produced as an emission. The company had initially expected annual sales of 400 units. Authorities and companies account for 60 percent of previous orders, the rest are private customers.

The four-door sedan of the upper mid-range also comes to Germany in small numbers in September. According to Toyota, there is also demand from private individuals, but the Mirai, which is always fully equipped and costs around 78.000 euros, cannot be bought for them at first. The fewer than 100 cars are said to have a high public profile, especially in large cities. According to the principle "What came first - hen or egg?", They should ensure that the expansion of the hydrogen filling stations is advanced. There are currently only a dozen or so public ones in Germany.



Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X

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