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Used car check: Mercedes GLC

The GLC is one of Mercedes' favorites. Is the first generation of the mid-range SUV also convincing as a used vehicle?

The middle class SUV GLC (2015 to 2022) sold like hot cakes and made Mercedes really happy. The new generation is now at the start, a good opportunity to see whether the GLC is too used car buyers can make happy.

Mercedes-Benz GLC 250d 4MATIC, CITRIN BROWN MAGNO, Artico/Espresso fabric, interior
Mercedes-Benz GLC 220d 4MATIC, CITRINE BROWN MAGNO, Artico/espresso fabric, interior

Body and interior:

With the change from the angular GLK to the more elegantly drawn GLC class in 2015, Mercedes met the taste of buyers. Less clumsy, but chicer and larger - the changed design language, which made the affiliation to the C-Class more visible, convinced the customers.

Compared to the GLK, the GLC was 12 centimeters longer at 4,66 meters and the wheelbase to 2,87 meters, in width it was 5 centimeters (1,89 meters). The increase in dimensions went hand in hand with improved space. In the rear, two adults sit comfortably, the middle seat is good at least Short haul as a seat for a slim passenger. The trunk holds 550 liters, a maximum of 1.600 liters fit in.

The interior design is also relationship to the C-Class and also highlights the replaced GLC with regard to the interior design of the GLK, which is not always stylish. In 2019 the GLC received a facelift. The lifted GLC vehicles can be recognized by the chrome elements, which are now standard from the front to the Rear pull through as well as modified LED headlights and a slightly modified one radiator grill.

Mercedes-Benz GLC 250d 4MATIC, CITRINE BROWN MAGNO, Offroad Line Exterior
Mercedes-Benz GLC 220d 4MATIC, CITRINE BROWN MAGNO, Offroad Line, exterior

Motors and drive:

Those interested in used cars can choose from petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrids. Make the bulk of the offer Diesel-Vehicles off. A 2,1-liter four-cylinder diesel with 125 kW/170 hp (220 d) served as the entry-level model, followed by a variant with the same displacement and 150 kW/204 hp (250 d). A three-liter six-cylinder (350 d) with 190 kW/258 hp completed the range. The standard consumption values are between 5 and 6,2 liters.
With the facelift, new four- and six-cylinder diesels were introduced. They had an improved exhaust aftertreatment and an additional underbody SCR catalytic converter. In addition to the diesel engines with four pots (200 d with 120 kW/163 hp, 220 d with 143 kW/194 hp and 300 d with 180 kW/245 hp), there was a six-cylinder 400 d (243 kW/330 hp). On average, 5,2 to 6,7 liters flow through the lines.

The range of petrol engines included four, six and eight cylinders. The entry-level engine was the 2,0-liter four-cylinder turbo with 155 kW/211 hp (250). As a 300, it achieves 180 kW/245 hp. The AMG versions were the top engines. The three literssix-cylinder (GLC 43) had an output of 270 kW/367 hp, the eight-cylinder (GLC 63) 350 kW/476 hp and the GLC 63 S even 375 kW/510 hp. A plug-in hybrid (350 e) with a system output of 235 kW/320 hp was also in the portfolio.

Since Facelift Mercedes offered the petrol engines GLC 200 with 145 kW/197 hp and GLC 300 with 190 kW/258 hp, each with electrical support from a 48-volt system with a belt-driven starter generator. The plug-in hybrid offering was expanded by a 300 de with a system performance extended by 225 kW/306 hp.

All engines transmit their power via a nine-speed automatic to all four wheels. With the all-wheel drive called 4Matic, the engine power is permanently directed to both axles. Mercedes offered an off-road package as an option Smart Air suspension on, the special Driving programs for driving on gravel, ice, sand or with a trailer.

Equipment and safety:

As usual with Mercedes, the GLC was also the basic equipment orderly. But something more is always possible, and so tempted to tick a long price list – for example for navigation, infotainment and Sound system. In addition, there was still plenty of opportunity optics to individualize. The SUV came with steel springs and variable dampers ex works, with air suspension and a sports chassis available for an extra charge. Those interested in used cars must therefore see what the object of their desire has on board. In terms of technology, the medium-sized SUV otherwise has what the related C-Class has on board. These include, among other things traffic jam pilot with stop-and-go function, a crosswind assistant and a collision warning system. The GLC passed the NCAP crash test in 2015 with a five-star rating.


In the current TÜVreport, the GLC is listed as the best in its class. 96,3 percent of the vehicles tested passed the first TÜV main inspection without errors, 91 percent the second. However, the SUV is not entirely without fault. It weakens in the wheel suspensions. Used car buyers should take a closer look.

And finally ...

The Mercedes GLC impresses with its appearance, its space and engines and its sovereign appearance at the TÜV. Do you have the problem of suspension in view, you don't do much wrong with used copies. However, suppliers of used models know the advantages and call up self-confident prices. With very high mileage prices start at around 20.000 euros. If the desired model has covered less than 200.000 kilometers so far, at least 25.000 euros are due.

Elfriede Munsch / SP-X

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