Vanderhall now builds four-wheeled cars

Vanderhall's entry-level model is Venice Blackjack, which is available in Germany at prices from 32.500 euros

The car manufacturer Vanderhall has been producing so-called fun vehicles with three wheels in the USA since 2013. In the meantime, the company has extended its feelers to Germany and has even announced several models for the German market that have four wheels. 

Electric with four wheels

If you want one of Vanderhall's fun vehicles, you have to go to the Donau-Auto company in Oberzell, because from there the somewhat strange-looking vehicles from the USA are sold for the German market. There are already different models with a combustion engine, but now there is also a model with an electric drive, which is fittingly called "Edison". In the coming year, the company from the United States would like to bring another car with four wheels and electric drive onto the market, which is to bear the name “Navarro”.

The entry-level models

In the case of three-wheeled cars, a two-seater named “Venice Blackjack” is something of an entry-level model. The car costs 32.500 euros, it has a 185 hp four-cylinder petrol engine in combination with a six-speed automatic transmission. "Venice Blackjack" has a somewhat puristic look and is open at the top. The special features include the 18-inch wheels painted entirely in black, the convenient power steering and the modern start button. "Edison", the entry-level model for anyone who wants to drive electrically, costs around 47.000 euros and is equipped with two 70 hp electric motors. The battery has 28 kWh, which is enough for a distance of 320 kilometers.

The top model

The top model among the cars offered by Vanderhall is called "Carmel GTS" and at 56.700 euros is not exactly a bargain. This car has the same drive system as the “Venice Blackjack”, but has significantly better and more extensive equipment. The most noticeable extra is the sun protection canopy, which can be removed, in combination with a very large windshield. In addition, the model has a 19-inch model as well as a heater for the seats made of real leather and an exhaust system made of shiny stainless steel.