Test: VW commercial vehicles Caddy Alltrack

Looks very good in the city right now

Fast design, solid workmanship, economical engines: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles from Hanover has invested a lot in the fourth generation of the Caddy. The “load donkey” opens up all options for the target groups to the German car manufacturer - from private customers to small businesses and large corporations. Since its introduction 1,5 years ago, more than 13 million units have found buyers from all over the world. With new derivatives, driver safety systems and engines, VW Commercial Vehicles wants to continue to establish itself with its city delivery van not only in the home market. The Caddy Alltrack came to the 14-day test with a 150 hp diesel unit and a dual clutch transmission. The all-wheel drive finds its starting price at 20.560 euros.

VW Caddy Alltrack 4MOTION 2.0-l-TDI

Commercial vehicle with catwalk character
Application: Private and large customers.

With a commercial vehicle share of around 55 percent, an average of 100.000 vehicles leave the plant in Poznan (Poland). Volkswagen thus serves DHL and Telekom, among others, to name just two of the major customers. However, Volkswagen would like to continue to respond to its customers with even more customization. Not only can it visually design both the interior and exterior. You respond to individual demands with a wide range of motors and drives. A total of one TGI (natural gas), four TDI (diesel) and three TSI (petrol) engines with four drives are available. A 5 or 6-speed manual transmission as well as a 6 or 7-speed DSG transmission can be used here.

Front section adapted to the group.

Despite its tall structure, the German engineers have embedded the outer shell of the small commercial vehicle into the overall corporate design language. From the front, the Caddy is unmistakably a model from Volkswagen. The radiator grille with chrome strips with its elegant headlights adjoining it bears the company logo very prominently at the front. The bead beginning at the end of the headlights connects the front and rear of the vehicle in a river. The eye-catching taillights and horizontal lines visually stretch the rear end and visually make the vehicle not only wider, but also higher on the road.

Field of application ... .. everywhere.

Smooth diesel

The Alltrack 2.0 TDI variant tested by us with the 150 PS powerful diesel and six-speed dual-clutch transmission and automatic start-stop system uses just 5,4 liters of diesel in the standard test, which corresponds to a carbon dioxide emission of 143 grams per kilometer. The information from the manufacturer, we have unfortunately not quite so experienced on our test tracks. The Caddy took us in the overall test but a good half liter more on average. Nevertheless, the aggregate in the ride test never overwhelmed and brings between 1.750 to 3.000 tours powerful 340 Newtonmeter on the crankshaft, which earned him a convincing smoothness. Driven potholes and bumps put the four-wheel caddy well away, overall looks very stable and provides a comfortable ride.

2 liter TDI diesel.

Space at its best

Despite its visually large dimensions, the Caddy Alltrack gets along well in dense city traffic. In the interior design, the good workmanship of the seats, which offer pleasant lateral support. The rest of the interior is of high quality. The hard plastic of yesteryear in commercial vehicles has long since given way to soft-foamed plastic surfaces with carbon-look elements that you like to touch. Above the driver and front passenger extends over the entire width of the front a large storage compartment, where, for example, papers for craftsmen and delivery services find their place. The cockpit is also clearly designed and easy to use, the all-round visibility more than generous. Not only does the ambience work well, there is also plenty of room for the arms, legs and head, in the front seats as well as in the rear. Rear also find larger occupants enough space. The entry and exit is also convenient thanks to the sliding doors on both sides. In the caddy trunk, up to five suitcases can be conveniently stowed without having to change them. If the rear seat is folded, the storage space increases to 3.020 liters. Unfortunately, in our case, the boot lid can only be unlocked and lifted manually. The space under the open tailgate is sufficient even for taller people, because it swings more than 2,00 meters above the ground. A low loading sill makes it possible to load heavy pieces of luggage.

Large tailgate for convenient loading.

Fully equipped including driver assistance systems

When it comes to safety and comfort, Hannover also focuses on the different life and work scenarios of its customers. If such things as a curtain airbag or ABS are already standard, more and more electronic helpers are finding their way into the Caddy commercial vehicle. This is how VW Commercial Vehicles comes up with the "Front Assist" environment monitoring system. By means of radar the system recognizes critical distances to the person in front and helps to shorten the stopping distance. The helper warns in two stages, so that the driver is fully engaged with the brake pad when the driver intervenes. The system also includes the city emergency braking function. It provides assistance at low speeds below 30 km / h. If the driver overlooks an obstacle, the system automatically brakes and reduces the impact speed. In the ideal case, a rear-end collision is avoided entirely. A multi-collision brake is used to prevent further risks in the event of accidents with personal injury. It prevents subsequent collisions should the driver no longer be able to intervene. The system becomes active when two independent sensors have detected an accident. In this case, the car is braked in bursts to 10 km / h after a preset delay. However, the driver can take control of the vehicle again at any time. A cruise control system (GRA) including a speed limiter, which does not allow acceleration above the preset speed in the city, for example, is also available. Optionally, a distance control (ACC) can also be ordered. A high beam control (Light-Assist) and a Park-Assist with an optical 360 degree parking system (OPS) round off the chapter on safety and comfort.

Rear view camera must not be missing.

Equipment lines with a lot of series

Entry into the Caddy forms the equipment line "Conceptline" with a base price of 18.243 Euro. The customer already expects a sumptuous equipment such as driver and passenger airbags including side-head airbags, daytime running lights, hill-start assist, cruise control with speed limiter, tailgate with window cutout and roof rail / roof rack preparation. With the "Trendline" and "Comfortline" equipment lines, the "Highline" variant can meet additional customer requirements, leaving little room for additional equipment. The Alltrack serves with its four-wheel drive and the 4MOTION transmission variant an alternative customer clientele in the range of 20.560 to 24.466 Euro.

At the end... The VW commercial vehicle Caddy Alltrack is not just another commercial vehicle. With the Caddy in the car variant, a vehicle with a high body structure is also socially acceptable in the lifestyle ambience and the first choice for families and extreme athletes.

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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Caddy Alltrack

EngineR4, diesel
capacity1.968 ccm³
Performance150 hp @ 3.500 - 4.000 rpm
Kraft340 Nm @ 1.750 - 3.000 rpm
gearSix-stage dual-clutch transmission
drive axleall wheel drive
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Length Width Height4.506, 1.793, 1.858 mm
wheelbase2.682 mm
Tare1.764 kg
turning circle11,1 m
top speed189 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h9,9 sec
standard consumption6.0 l / 100 km
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everyday driver6.4 l / 100 km
Eco-expert5.9 l / 100 km
Field service mode6.2 l / 100km
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