Volkswagen Amarok - the premium pickup

Volkswagen didn't just start repositioning itself yesterday. The goal is the much-loved premium class. The hapless man made the beginning VW Phaeton, during the Touareg sold well since the beginning of production. Thus, it developed so that each series now pimped the premium claim and meanwhile even the microcar - the up - would like to be upscale-stylish. Like an iPod, it was said so often. The Golf and the Passat have long been in the premium sector, so now it's time for the Amarok. At least the Wolfsburg think that.

A premium pickup wants to become the Amarok. Maybe that's not a bad idea, after all, you rarely see the livestock ancestor spartan. Also, the inmates rarely make the impression as if they were constantly driving around in the forest, shot wild boar drive through the area or the like. So it comes that the Lower Saxony rather serves as a lifestyle vehicle and must transport surfboards, motorcycles or canoes.

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The Wolfsburg - or rather Hanoverian, react to this, because the VW Amarok is a commercial vehicle and comes from the capital of Lower Saxony. The pickup should get the current VW design and convince with its inner values ​​more than before. After all, the interior has been a bit rough up to now. In order to do away with this, a new switchboard architecture is to be introduced for the facelift, with an emphasis on the horizontal lines. In addition, there is a clearer structure of the areas - not that any VW has been structured in a confusing way so far. For this purpose, the precision of edges and beads should be increased and vertical lines should be dispensed with.

The pickup in the B segment is not only worked up in the interior, but also in its appearance. So the front should be more athletic, while the dimensions remain almost the same: 5,25 m are in the length and 2,23 m including exterior mirrors in width. On the other hand, the rims should grow - depending on the equipment - with which the strong appearance of the actual farm animal should be emphasized.

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From the driver's point of view, the VW Amarok should be able to master every terrain. He should be as precise as a car and at the same time off the beaten track can make a good figure. Is not that the goal of every SUV? At least the pickup wants to lure its customers away from this vehicle class in the future. But we still have to be patient, because so far only design sketches have been published.



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