40 years GTI, in club sport to Paris

Of course the flight would have been faster. Even the train ride. And anyway, everyone had advised against it. By car to the Paris Motor Show? To the city of love. Always, but please not by car. But this is neither a train nor a flight blog, this is an autoblog, my-auto-blog and when Habby goes “on tour”, he prefers four wheels.

Driving report: Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport

In love with Paris

The flight was booked. The departure towards the airport a little earlier than necessary, there should be a fun lap in the 265 hp GTI Clubsport through the Spessart. It was only day two of the test period and the speedometer had hardly been set in motion by then. Load your suitcase, press your buttocks into the slightly pinching sports seats from Recaro, adjust the steering wheel, stack the seat down and off you go. Sonores hum accompanied the descent. Completely unobtrusive. Not so wild at all. The clubsport golf is one of the hottest things Volkswagen currently has to offer. The right choice for sports drivers. In contrast to the Golf R with front-wheel drive. But who needs all-wheel drive when they have a lock? The Clubsport GTI is celebrating 40 years of the Golf GTI with dignity. And of course in red. Preferably in red! Then the black flics and the large cooling air beak on the front really stand out. Red, the color of love. Check the patterns on the Recaro. The golf ball feeling on the gear lever. Red and hand-torn, that's how 40 years of GTI are celebrated. And then 265 hp are an announcement.

Sure, a Honda Civic Type R, a Cupra RS 290, a Ford Focus RS, an A45, they all offer more. More power, sometimes more driven axles and sometimes more pre-pupillary behavior. Fortunately, the Clubsport Golf GTI doesn't have that much, despite the sweeping rear wing and martial look. He drives like a golf. And that's not a handicap at first. Humming confidently. Wild.

volkswagen golf-gti-clubsport-008-test-driving report-jens

Rear-wellness area

101 kilometers from the front door to the airport car park P4. 30,2 kilometers through the Spessart to the entrance to the A3. The first few kilometers from the village are already a relief. 40 years of the GTI also means that the GTI is out of the woods. He doesn't abuse you with unnecessary harshness, he doesn't strain your ears with unsteady din. It is “the compact one”, the car. Even if you do so in the time until the on-board computer (what a bored part) the 75 ° oil temperature reports, the speed does not oscillate above 3.000, the EA888 can already indicate what it is ready for. Something is coming. In theory, the 265 hp are good for 5.5 seconds at 100 km / h. In practice, the insensitive coupling screwed everything up. You always want a hand control, like a sports driver. But the clutch and shift paths in club sport are more like grandma's second cars, because 40 years of GTI maturation. But what you can link. Because the full pressure of the 2-liter turbo is something for switching lazy.

After 20 kilometers it is clear: Even my fat butt can be transplanted in the Recaros vice without squeezing the nerves of the lower genitals straight away. The drive to the airport? No decent distance. Paris? 648 km to the event hotel? That sounds a lot better.

volkswagen golf-gti-clubsport-004-test-driving report-jens

Highway Outdoor burners

When the first Golf GTI with 1976 PS was released in 110, it burned the left lane of the Republic with force. Sure, at that time the light GTI was more of a highway king, but if things were to go fast, then the 183 km / h V-max was an announcement. 40 years later, the Clubsport GTI with its 265 hp easily runs at 250 km / h. The result in itself is similar. Things are going really well. Even in sixth gear. The 350 Nm strong Zwoliter has been given a convincing elasticity, others may have more power - when it comes to driveability, the better arguments meet the passionate history of the GTI. A confident run straight ahead, despite the cross lock on the front axle. If the club sport is thrown around the corner in the Spessart, it will play the Saubermann on the highway. Undeterred to the west.

volkswagen golf-gti-clubsport-007-test-driving report-jens


You don't have to race. But you can do it very well. The damping must be adjusted adaptively. If you can't find a vote for the long distance, you don't want it. Comfort mode does not make club sport a sedan chair. Coarse faults penetrate dry. Even the 18-inch tires don't help much. Even if my test car had to do without the club sport tires, the Bridgestone S-001 are not a comfort species and are rather sporty and stiff, because warm. For this, the level of grip of the tires together with the tuning of the ABS works much better than you could read from the clubsport tires in the specialist media. From the Germany-France border, it doesn't matter anyway.

Then the club sport shows its golf side. This is the compact car with more than a dozen faces. Even after 300 kilometers, blood is still pumping through the legs, the back feels well supported and at cruise control 135 km / h, one forgets the wing mechanism and the target group with an affinity for boost pressure. Thanks to cruise control, adaptive of course and lane keeping assistant, it travels more than confidently.

volkswagen golf-gti-clubsport-002-test-driving report-jens

Club sport level Paris

Some audio book chapters (in the car, always with audio book!) later, the kilometers on the A4 will drop to zero. After the endless expanse of the French motorways, Paris devours you. And with it the traffic. Switching to your own driving profile is the order of the day. Open the first row at the roundabout, open the second and third lanes. The Golf GTI Clubsport smells the asphalt strip of the Peripherique and actually wants to tempt you to set a new speed record. What counts is the system of “anticipatory” driving. You look ahead and whoever reaches the gap first, it belongs to him. Actually very simple and completely straightforward. Of course you're afraid for the rims. The fine front splitter. But confidence is your anchor.

Whoever wants to tell you: fly to Paris, or at least take the train. Smile at him, he has no idea. Not from Paris and not from the Golf GTI Clubsport!

40 years of the Golf GTI and not a bit older? But. You can feel the enormous maturity. Nevertheless, the Golf GTI Clubsport is finally a “real GTI” again. And so he deserves the honor of the “Grand Tour”. Try it out yourself.

volkswagen golf-gti-clubsport-015-test-driving report-jens

VW Golf GTI Clubsport
base price€ 34.925
external dimensionslength x WIDTH X HEIGHT4268 x 1790 x 1452 mm
Boot capacityVDA380 to 1270 L
Displacement / engine1984 cm³ / 4 cylinder
Performance195 kW / 265 HP (350 Nm)
top speed250 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h5,5 s
Consumption, realistic9,0 L / 100 km

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